The Lego globe is available!

Even when you’re stuck at home due to a pandemic, there’s no need to give up on your travel desires! Lego is launching a superb terrestrial globe which also has the luxury of being stuffed with good ideas.

The Lego Ideas collection undeniably includes some of the finest sets from the Danish toymaker. She proves it once again with this superb terrestrial globe which measures 40 cm high. It will look great in the living room or on your desk!

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A globe to display at home

This new set, which includes 2,585 pieces, combines elements from the classic Lego ranges, but also from Lego Technic which make up the interior of the globe. This also allows the globe to rotate on its axis. In addition to representing the continents, the exhibition object hosts phosphorescent bricks that indicate the names of the continents and oceans. And of course, these light up at night.

Boat and compass elements are also available to give the globe a vintage look. A name plate completes the model and makes it a very unique retro decorative object. This set has been on sale since February 1, priced at €199.99.

The Lego Ideas collection is powered by fans, who vote for their favorite models which the company then offers for sale. This globe was proposed by Guillaume Roussel, who was inspired by Jules Verne: ” This globe reminds me that we are part of a very unique community in our little corner of the universe. “.

Order this LEGO set

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