the list of codes to access the hidden categories

Do you know Netflix secret codes? The site has many hidden categories and subcategories that make it easier to discover movies and series. You can access it using the list of codes that we present to you in this file.

Like some of us in the team, are you addicted to the Netflix catalog? So, you have certainly sometimes faced some difficulties in filtering the films and series that interest you according to very specific criteria. Indeed, the streaming service is based on a very effective suggestion system to recommend the content that corresponds to your inclinations. But if you are interested in a very specific category of films, it is not always easy to find your way around.

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Of course, sometimes you want something else. A good big comedy classic, a small Italian film, or a good big American blockbuster featuring superheroes. It’s possible‚Ķ with a little tweaking!

How to find a Netflix category with a code?

To use the codes in this folder:

  • Launch Netflix on your profile
  • In the address bar, you should see the following URL:
  • To access a specific category, simply enter the secret code following the address (ex:
  • On your TV, just enter the number in the search bar.

The code in question will give you access to all the great Western classics on the platform. In the same way, codes allow access to Christmas films on Netflix or films dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

The list of Netflix codes to access hidden categories and subcategories

To facilitate the search in this long list, you can search for a specific term in the page by pressing the Ctrl + F or Cmd + F keys on your keyboard. You will find at the end of the table the codes relating to the different categories of TV series. You will also find categories relating to certain actors, useful if you are looking for films and series with your favorite actor/actress!

Action & Adventure


Movies for children or family

The great classics of cinema


Cult movies



Faith & Spirituality

Foreign movies

Gay & lesbian movies

Horror films

Independent cinema


Musical comedies


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sports-themed movies


Series & TV Shows

Why these Netflix codes?

On Netflix, the categories are rather limited. In all, there are about fifteen categories to filter several thousand films. Difficult to navigate especially when looking for something specific. Thereby, Netflix engineers created little secret codes still allowing access to other categories and even to normally invisible subcategories.

There is a series of codes for all genres of Netflix movies, but also for series in the Netflix catalog. It is also worth noting that codes for content suitable for anime in the Netflix catalog are available. You can even access films and series by age group. Pretty cool, no?

So if you want to take advantage of it, or find your next series to download, use the list of the main hidden codes above. There is an even more complete list, but then there we access really very very precise filters. We are still talking about 27,000 categories and sub-categories available! You can find this list of secret codes here. Did you use one of these codes one evening when you were lost in the meanders of the VOD service? What are your favorite categories? Share your feedback in the comments.

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