the MacOS and iPadOS beta brings a long-awaited novelty

Apple presented the Universal Control during its last keynote. A feature that has just arrived on iPadOS and macOS.

While the brand new versions of iPadOS and macOS have just arrived for the general public, the developers logically had access this morning to the beta versions of the upcoming update. It is therefore iPadOS 15.4 and MacOS Monterry 12.3 respectively. These two updates are currently only developer versions and they are likely to harbor many bugs.

But the advantage of having access to these updates in advance also allows to put an end to the features that everyone will use in the future. This is for example the case of Universal Control, a function presented during the last Apple keynote and which is eagerly awaited by the brand’s customers.

Universal Control: make your iPad a second screen

For those who missed Apple’s last conference, here’s a quick reminder of how this new feature works. The universal Control as it was baptized by Apple allows in a simple gesture to pass from its computer screen to that of its tablet, as if the two screens were linked, except that they are not.

The demonstration made by Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice-president in charge of software, during the last keynote demonstrates very well all the possibilities offered by such a feature.

Available in the beta version of macOS and iPadOS, this feature could therefore arrive in the coming weeks for the general public, during an update that many will be eager to do. According to the first feedback from people who have been able to test the feature, the latter would be very impressive. The devices recognize each other without the user having to do anything, a real plus for people who work on several screens.

FaceID with the mask finally available?

In addition to the new beta versions of the Mac and iPad OS, Apple has just made a brand new update available to developers, also in beta version, but for the iPhone. iOS 15.4 thus offers a new experience to users. If Apple does not revolutionize its OS with this update, the developers were surprised to discover that FaceID is now able to recognize a face without the latter even being completely discovered.

Unlocking with the already outdated Apple Watch?

A very practical solution in this period of a pandemic where wearing a mask is still compulsory in many places. As a reminder, Apple had already provided a first solution to this problem. Indeed, if FaceID detected part of your face and you wore an unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist, then the watch also acted as security, and it unlocked the phone.

This very useful feature in recent months could therefore become quite useless in the coming weeks, it remains to be seen whether the use of FaceID with a mask is as good as announced by the Cupertino company.

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