the management game that will blow your mind

With a release scheduled for 2023, Park Beyond immerses us in a joyous carnival. Thrills guaranteed.

After the success of Little Nightmares, Bandai Namco is back in the European gaming niche. This time, the Japanese publisher is interested in a completely different type of thrill: amusement parks. With the gradual acquisition of the Limbic Entertainment studio since 2021, the entertainment giant seems to have decided to bet on the management game, while adding some loops to it.

With a planned release in 2023, Park Beyond puts you in the shoes of a modern mad scientist. From your room, the goal is not to build SpaceX’s next rocket, but to develop the ultimate roller coaster, those that will bring together all lovers of thrills. After a few wild, tutorial-like creations, your work quickly catches the attention of a passionate entrepreneur. After a few hours spent on the PC version of the game (which will also be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles) here is why Park Beyond deserves its ticket of honor.

Park Beyond view together
© Bandai Namco

Winning ticket for Park Beyond

If you’ve been a fan of management games for Pharaoh until Sims CityPassing by Two Point Hospital, Park Beyond stands out as their worthy successor. The game is in line with very good management titles: it doesn’t invent anything, but shines with its complexity. It must be said that on the side of the developers, the time is not for amateurism. Limbic is already at the origin of some references of the genre, and in particular of Tropic 6. Management sprinkled with anything, the tone is already set, and is found at Park Beyond.

Because it is precisely there that the title wants to be original: while Planet Coaster and Parkitect wanted to be rather realistic in their approach to the management game, Park Beyond rather bets on the absurd, by putting forward the concept of impossibility. If you’ve always dreamed of building a roller coaster in the middle of a mountain or propelling your visitors through a giant cannon, you’ve come to the right place.

What do we want? Parks and (re)creation

Park Beyond cannon
© Bandai Namco

By applying the theme of amusement parks to its management game, Beyond Park follows the vein of Planet Coaster, released in 2016. Again, the recipe isn’t new, but it works wonders. Wandering among the excited visitors, managing the best cookie bar in the park and ensuring that everyone can rest after a day of exploring the attractions… the missions are numerous, and it will take a lot of organization and responsiveness to make his park prosper.

Even before the strategic part relating to the management of a park, one of the most enjoyable aspects of Park Beyond remains the thousands of customization elements available to decorate your park. Enough to satisfy even the most perfectionists, who will enjoy creating the most accomplished entertainment space possibledepending on a specific theme, but above all on the requirements of visitors.

We don’t play with management games

Whether Park Beyond wants to be rather welcoming towards new players, it quickly imposes itself as a rather formidable tool, sometimes difficult to access. Regulars of the genre should immediately find their account, with a rich and complete experience, in particular via its Story mode which will ask you to create a space that is both profitable and original.

For others, the game may be less accessible for the first few hours. Between the management of attractions, the recruitment of employees and the need to deal with the many whims of visitors, it will no doubt be necessary a few hours to practice. Fortunately, Park Beyond offers rather intuitive controls and clear explanations for each new mechanism. The game is sharp, but not obtuse.

Park Beyond character
© Bandai Namco

The narration of the game remains summary, with some dialogues – sometimes a little off-putting – and script choices that may affect your ingame progress. For the more creative, and this is undoubtedly the whole point of the game, a Sandbox mode completes the Story mode, allowing you to create a park totally in your image. The development version that we were able to test still imposed some restrictions, but the final game promises to rob you of a few hours of play.

Soon the doors will open

With a planned release in 2023, Park Beyond is long overdue before officially opening its doors. The game will be available on PC and consoles, with the ability to manage cross-platform backup. Despite some turbulence and a postponed exit, the attraction is worth the detour.

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