The Metavers in madness # 2: 650,000 dollars for a virtual yacht (ugly) from the game The Sandbox

It didn’t take long for a sort of informal (and somewhat futile) competition to set in: after the $ 2.4 million for a virtual property in Decentraland, a (rather ugly) virtual yacht visible in the game The Sandbox and created by the studio Republic Realm sold to $ 650,000 in the form of NFT! The polygon boat is moored very close to a polygon island which also sold at an indecent price (just like a hundred other islands of the same type which were sold the same day for $ 280,000 per year). unity).

The baptized yacht Metaflower is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which confirms that this type of purchase remains above all a form of financial investment a little strange at first glance … but undoubtedly extremely profitable. We note that the grouped purchases of today within The Sandbox have been partly facilitated by the loan company Lendtek. We think we are dreaming …

The Sandbox is used to these expensive virtual possessions, and buyers are sometimes prestigious, like Snoop Dogg or even Adidas.

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