farming-smiulator e-sport France

The Ministry of Agriculture is launching an e-Sport competition around the game Farming Simulator!

This one, we hadn’t seen it coming. The current difficulties of the French agricultural sector do not really encourage young people to embark on the adventure of a farm. The Ministry of Agriculture undoubtedly said that it was necessary to change gear to attract new recruits to the farm trades, and has therefore just launched Farming Simulator The Tournament, or an e-Sport competition organized around the famous management game from the Swiss studio GIANTS Software.

farming-smiulator e-sport France

Farming Simulator is considered the gold standard for farm simulation, and is already entitled to several e-Sport competitions. The initiative of the Ministry, for once well anchored in its time, has however aroused mockery on social networks because of its cash prize (reward of an e-Sport tournament) frankly anemic. The 6 finalists of the tournament will indeed receive the Farming Simulator 22 game, a “gaming” monitor and a gourmet basket with a total value of 35 euros.

Knowing that most players will have trained on their own version of Farming Simulator 22 and are probably already owners of a quality gaming screen (perhaps even more qualitative than the model offered in gain), there is no more than the gourmet basket of 35 euros to attract crowds, which is not even at the level of what Lotos of small villages offer. Of course, there was no question of proposing the cash prize usual eSports (which can be counted at least in tens of thousands of euros), but a little more substantial check would not have been a luxury in this period of crisis.

Registration for the tournament is open – at this address – until November 26.

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