The Ministry of Agriculture launches an e-sport competition on Farming Simulator

The Ministry of Agriculture is embarking on e-sport, surprising as it may seem.

The agricultural world interests young people less and less. While this function was the work of two out of three French people less than a century ago, the farming profession is no longer attractive, and the financial difficulties encountered by professionals in the trade do not help young people. to embark on the adventure of the peasant world.

In order to restore the image of the agricultural world and make this universe better known to the youngest, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, under the hordes of Julien Denormandie, has decided to reach out to this new generation. Thus the State service is launching a major e-sport competition open to all: “Farming Simulator: the Tournament”.

The ministry wants to appeal to young people

As its name suggests, the video game competition will therefore take place on the famous management game taking over the agricultural world. Farming Simulator. Developed by the Swiss teams of GIANTS Software, the game is available every year and offers to put yourself in the shoes of a farmer.

This competition can seem quite exotic in the world of video games, where fans are quite used to seeing the best players on the planet compete against each other in more popular games such as League of Legends or Fortnite which had reached record cash prize during its edition of the world championships in 2019. But for its defense, it should still be known that Farming Simulator is a game that already has an e-sport and competitions scene, so the ministry’s initiative is not unprecedented, although it is nonetheless surprising.

A cash prize that is the subject of debate

When the creation of this competition was announced on Tuesday, November 9, many Internet users also noticed the rewards promised to the winners. Indeed, the Ministry of Agriculture offers a “cashprize” as it is customary to call it composed of “A Farming Simulator 22 game, a“ gaming ”computer screen and a gourmet basket worth 35 €”. All these prizes will be awarded to the six finalists.

Faced with these rewards well below what e-sport used to offer, the mockery was quick to show itself on social networks, especially Twitter where many Internet users criticized the ministry for not offer a reward interesting enough to really attract young people.

If despite everything, the tournament interests you, know that registrations are open until November 26, with a start of competitions the next day. The grand finale will take place on December 6 and will be broadcast live on Twitch.

Regarding the course of the tournament, the ministry explains that the players will have to appear in teams of three, only on PC. You must also have a Tournament account which allows you to join competitions of this kind on the game.

If you are interested in the challenge launched by the government, you can register by clicking here.

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