The MMO Lost Ark is already a great success before its official release

This is the big PC release of the week: Lost Ark, the hit South Korean MMOARPG, is about to unveil itself for the very first time to Western audiences. This is one of the most popular games in South Korea and Russia, and that success should apply here too, according to the latest game stats from Steam.

Although the free-to-play version of the title is not yet available to the general public, this early access pack went on sale yesterday… more impatient.

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So, according to figures reported by the SteamDB database, Lost Ark Reportedly peaked at 532,476 concurrent users in the last 24 hours—an impressive popularity considering it’s only the paid version of the title. While waiting for its free-to-play release dated for next Friday, the title is already pre-downloaded by a particularly large number of players – to the point of putting the Steam servers which have encountered some bandwidth problems.

Caps to be expected for Lost Ark

The developers warn: you will surely have to expect a long queue to connect to the game when it is released. It will be necessary to turn to less populated servers to be able to avoid these untimely traffic jams, advises the official Twitter account of the game.

Released in 2018 in South Korea, Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMOARPGs on the peninsula, but also in Russia where an open beta has been available since 2020. Amazon Games is responsible for publishing the game in North America and Europe, with a date official release scheduled for February 11. Lost Ark presents itself as a hack’n’slash in isometric 3D view strongly inspired by Diablo, all in a typical fantasy MMO coating.

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