mission impossible 7

the most awaited trailer has just been released!

Long delayed, Mission: Impossible 7 is finally entitled to a first trailer. What does the film with Tom Cruise have in store for us?

Never has a film borne its name so well. As the Covid-19 landed in Europe, the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 was the first to be impacted by the pandemic. In Italy, the teams had to pack up only a few days after kick-off. A delay that will have a major impact on production and the budget. According to information from varietyParamount should have aligned the zeros to offer Tom Cruise a new lap.

Sources familiar with the matter confided that nearly $300 million would have been disbursed just for Mission: Impossible 7, without the budget allocated to promotion. The second part, shot in stride, would also be worth its weight in gold. Paramount therefore has no right to failure, and is already pulling out the heavy artillery.

More than a year before its release on our screens, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning (part one) already offers a trailer. The opportunity for lovers of dizzying stunts and cataclysmic explosions to form an opinion on the production. They should get their money’s worth.

Plot-wise, it’s still quite mysterious. Ethan Hunt will obviously have to face a new enemy, an organization that works in the shadows. The spy can count on his team of always, starting with Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames who take over the roles of Benji and Luther.

Some new ones must also make an appearance, starting with Hayley Atwell who is abandoning the Marvel universe a little. On the other hand, she does not stray too far from espionage, since she should lend a hand to Tom Cruise. Pom Klementieff, another Marvel rookie, will also be on the trip, as will Vanessa Kirby.

Note also the appearance of Henry Czerny (revenge) in the shoes of what looks very much like an antagonist. However, we will probably have to wait a little to find out more. After all, one year before the release, Paramount would be wrong to reveal all its cards.

Soon time to say goodbye?

At 59, Tom Cruise still has some under the pedal. The actor continues to do most of his stunts, to the point of getting injured regularly. If it seems eternal, Tom Cruise now seems ready to put his period Impossible mission behind him.

The eighth film should thus close his career as a spy and his adventures. As a reminder, Tom Cruise appeared for the first time in Impossible mission in 1996. The adaptation of the hit series had quickly found its audience, several sequels had been ordered. Since then, Ethan Hunt and his clique have regularly squatted the head of the box office.

The previous part: fallouthad collected no less than $791.1 million across the globe. Five years later, Paramount Pictures undoubtedly hopes to exceed its excellent figures. In the meantime, the firm is betting on another iconic license from the actor’s filmography. From next Wednesdayit will be possible to discover Top Gun: Maverick At the movie theater.

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