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With its Namii, Biird proves that a sex toy can be as beautiful as it is effective.

Far from the pornographic imagery of the 1960s, the sextech market now aims to prove that a sex toy can be as beautiful to look at as it is efficient to use. Exit the explicit phallic shapes, the trend is for neat designs, comfortable curves and regressive colors. Among the newcomers to a booming sector, Biird is doing well. Launched in 2020, the brand then unknown to the general public quickly became the star of social networks with Obii, its first clitoral stimulator with caged bird tunes. The recipe worked, and a second product was launched a year later, this time in the form of a vibrating roller. 2022 obliges, Biird is back, this time with Namii, a hybrid sex toy that intends to play on all frontsand especially that of beauty.

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Design: looks matter too

Before being effective, a sex toy must also be pleasant to look at. Biird has understood this well, and is betting first on a visual experience. Delivered in its cardboard box, the sex toy plays on quality as much as on quantity. In addition to the device itself, its charging base, and its (too small) storage pouch, there is a slew of goodies and illustrations. The brand pulls out all the stops, and goes so far as to offer a limited edition in collaboration with content creator Jüne Plã (Jouissance Club). Whether design or speech, the influence of social networks on the brand is felt : the sex toy seems designed to play Instagrammers, and it does not deprive itself of it. On the brand’s official account, the device is displayed from every angle, and the hashtag #bird counts more than a thousand publications.

Biird Namii view together
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Since its launch, Biird bets on the sense of detail and it shows. The Namii is no exception to the rule, and stands out as a very beautiful object. With its powder pink color that gives it the look of a small meringue, the sex toy benefits from an all-medical silicone coating, which has the particularity of being not only soft to the touch, but also – and it’s very rare – surprisingly soft under the fingers. Admittedly, the result is stunning: the velvety effect brings a very pleasant feeling, and definitely comforting.

While the Obii did not allow simultaneous use of vibration and suction, the Namii stands out for its ability to offer a simultaneous double stimulation : while a textured part vibrates against the vulva, another is placed on the external part of the clitoris for stimulation without contact, Womanizer style. To control the device, two buttons located under the sex toy allow you to independently activate the two motors, but also to navigate between the 5 levels of intensity offered.

Biird Namii view base assembly
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

As with all its products, Biird is not satisfied with a simple charging cable, but rather chooses to place its Namii on a real pedestal. The wireless charging base stands out as a transparent case, which lights up when the sex toy is placed on it. Once again, the brand assumes its positioning to the end, by imagining sex toys that we want to expose rather than hide. For the sake of minimalism, the control buttons of the device also act as charging connectors. Let’s face it, these could have benefited from a little more careful finishing. However, the rendering remains effective and discreet. It remains to be seen what the Namii will give in use.

Ergonomics: not always precise, but full of good ideas

With its Namii, Biird aimed to create a multitasking sex toy, capable of ensuring effective double stimulation, but also of being used without hands thanks to its ergonomic shape. It must be admitted that at this level, the result is more than convincing: once positioned between the thighs, the device does not move, and allows a effective stimulation of the clitoral area. In terms of ergonomics, it must be admitted that Biird knows how to do it. The brand may offer ever crazier shapes, but it has the art of hitting the mark. Its suction head is large enough to easily position itself on the external clitoris, and its textured vibrating part fits perfectly around the entrance to the vagina.

Biird Namii Buttons
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Side buttons on the other hand, it is a little more complicated. Located under the device, they are frankly difficult to fall under the fingers. In addition to being much too small, they are also very hard to handle, which sometimes makes the maneuver downright laborious.

Use: perfect for beginners

Unlike the Womanizer Premium 2 and its 14 intensity levels, the Namii once again plays on minimalism, which is felt even in its technical sheet. Each motor offers five modes, ranging from very mild to moderate. The sex toy is clearly not recommended for thrill seekers, to whom we recommend a Lelo Enigma Cruise instead. However, Biird remains faithful to its identity, with a model that focuses on softness more than power. For beginner users, or rather followers of slow sex, this may be the ideal sex toy.

Biird Namii buttons details
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Especially since in use, the Namii is a real good surprise. On the non-contact stimulation side, the device obviously does not equal the giants of the sector. However, it remains very effective: the suction technology Pleasure Waves de Biird delivers orgasms in minutes without feeling like a war machine. Regarding the vibrations, they are surprisingly deep compared to what we expected. The soft, textured coating stimulates the entire vulva, even if it means sometimes overshadowing clitoral suction. The result, however, allows a diffuse stimulation far from being unpleasant. Note that if the two motors can operate simultaneously, it is also possible to use them independently.

Used solo, the Namii stands out as the perfect sex toy for beginners, both soft and versatile. With several people, it will probably be necessary to abandon the vibrating motor and turn the object over to focus on purely external stimulation.

In addition to being very beautiful to look at, the Namii is also very discreet. Barely 50 dB when pushed to full power, we are clearly on one of the quietest sex toys on the market. Despite a fairly linear stimulation and only two vibration patterns, the device plays the right students by displaying a IPX7 certified. In addition to being able to be used underwater, it is also a huge advantage for cleaning the device.

Price and availability

Bird Namii solo
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Announced in May 2022, the Namii is available directly from the brand’s official website. Available in three colors, it will cost 109€ to get it. However, the promo code JDG10 allows you to benefit from a 10% discount on the final price. In terms of pure performance, it must be admitted that it remains a bit expensive. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful models available on the market. On the other hand, you won’t have to delay if you want to buy it: Biird has got into the habit of thinking of its sex toys as collector’s items: each model is marketed in turn, before disappearing from the market.

Biird’s Namii is available at -10% with the code JDG10

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