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Presented as the loudspeaker of the moment, the Groove 2 from the manufacturer Tronsmart seems to live up to its name. She would have everything you need to allow you to “groove” as much as you want. We therefore have powerful sound quality, a battery life of more than 20 hours, latest-generation connectivity and above all foolproof resistance.


For a device that would barely fit in the palm of a hand, would we be dealing with a UFO? This test of the Tronsmart Groove 2 is the opportunity to find out.

Tronsmart Groove 2: the design of the nomadic speaker par excellence

If you like ultra-compact and portable speakers, you are sure to have found a nugget with the Tronsmart Groove 2. It has all the DNA of an outdoor speaker in it.


The dimensions of this Bluetooth speaker are so small that the device barely fits in the palm of a hand. We are clearly on a nomadic speaker, compact and very easy to take on a bike ride or on foot, on a hike, picnic, aperitif, etc. If you can’t put it in a bag, you can hang it on your backpack, thanks to a side handle with which the speaker is equipped. The device weighs only 460g.

Ultra resistant and waterproof

What definitely confirms the outdoor speaker DNA of the Tronsmart Groove 2 is its unfailing resistance. Indeed, its structure has been designed to withstand shocks and falls without being damaged or broken. For this purpose, Tronsmart has provided it with a rubber surround.

Better, the device is waterproof, with an IPX7 protection index. This indicates that the Bluetooth speaker is protected against dust and snow, but also against contact with liquid substances. The enclosure is capable of withstanding immersion in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Very practical

When a speaker is as compact as the Tronsmart Groove 2, there is generally concern for its practicality, especially for the smallness of the control keys. The manufacturer has been able to anticipate the issue, by equipping its device with 4 buttons that are both large and soft to the touch for a pleasant and easy press.

Moreover, with its square shape, the loudspeaker is both easy to store and stable. Moreover, it is equipped with 4 shockproof suction cups, installed under the device in the external corners, which ensure more stability when it is placed (on a table for example).

Tronsmart Groove 2: compact design, but giant sound

Don’t rely on the size of the Tronsmart Groove 2 to judge its sound performance. Besides, don’t we say that the most compact speakers are those that produce the best sound?

The Groove 2 is no exception to the rule. Behind the feverish looks hides a relatively powerful device for its constitution. In terms of power, we are on a 10 Watt speaker expandable to a maximum of 12 Watts. It has enough to give power to the set of loudspeakers that equip it: a 58 mm diameter woofer and subwoofer.

Photo of Tronsmart Groove 2 Bluetooth Speaker
Photo of Tronsmart Groove 2 mobile speaker

Thanks to this hardware, the Groove 2 is capable of hi-fi sound performance, with high definition sound. It’s powerful enough to create immersive sound, especially when the Bluetooth speaker is used indoors.

Remember, however, that the device was built to produce powerful bass. With its sound performance, it perfectly meets the requirements of outdoor music, especially at a party or an outdoor barbecue for example or during a hike.

Tronsmart Groove 2: the connectivity of a latest generation wireless speaker

Who says outdoor speaker says wireless speaker. With the Tronsmart Groove 2, the connection with a music source (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is via Bluetooth 5.0. The device is therefore compatible with all Bluetooth devices, whether they are devices running Android, iPhone or Huawei.

To play music, it is also possible to use a micro SD card; the device has a micro SD port for this purpose. Moreover, all the settings concerning the volume, the stop, the pause or the change of audio track are accessible not only via a mobile application, but also via the buttons present on the speaker.

Tronsmart Groove 2: Autonomy

The Tronsmart Groove 2 is equipped with a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery which gives it a 24-hour battery life. A single recharge cycle corresponds to listening to 500 audio tracks.

This autonomy can be extended up to an entire week depending on the use made of it (types of audio content and listening volume). As for the charging time, it is only 2.5 hours. Clearly, that’s all you expect from a nomadic speaker.

The Tronsmart Groove 2, what is it worth in short?

Robustness, compactness, sealing, but above all practicality is all that is expected of an outdoor speaker. All these qualities are found in the Tronsmart Groove 2. What do we retain at the end of this test?

Robust, but limited

With regard to its physical characteristics, this Tronsmart speaker is ready for escapades in all types of environments (desert, mountain, forest) subject to strong climatic variations (wind, rain, snow).

Be careful not to push the experiment too far, since the device’s resistance to immersion is limited to 1 m deep and 30 minutes of immersion.


Even if it is presented as an outdoor speaker, the Tronsmrt Groove 2 is nonetheless suitable for indoor use. You can use it at the beach, at the swimming pool, in the bathroom, in your car or in a garden.

As for indoor use, whether at home or in a hotel room when you go on vacation, the speaker meets expectations. Being a compact and lightweight speaker, its size is very limited. In addition, its very good autonomy is in favor of nomadic use. You can take it with you for an entire day, or even longer, depending on how you use it, without having to worry about recharging.

Better stereo sound with two speakers

For such a small device, the Tronsmart Groove 2 is relatively satisfactory in terms of sound quality. However, surround sound should not be expected from a single device.

To create a truly immersive atmosphere with stereo sound worthy of large Bluetooth speakers, you will need to connect at least two speakers. In addition, it is clear that the experience will be better inside than outside, even if outside 4 walls, the speaker keeps its promises despite everything.

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