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The most unusual eyes of the animal kingdom perceive unusual phenomena

Man has a perception of the world which easily leads him to forget that all living things do not share the same vision. Recently, scientists have become interested in the types of eyes that have visual perception beyond human imagination ; that is to say those of animals. To understand the cosmos differently, organisms have evolved by having ocular configurations and structures adapted to different situations.

Some critters are naturally endowed with horizontal pupils, which offer them a global view of their surroundings. This way of seeing helps them spot potential predators and avoid pitfalls to escape. For their part, carnivores have vertical pupils that allow them to take full advantage of their night vision.

However, there are still other types of eyes in this vast, beautiful and diverse universe. In their study, the researchers identified a few the most surprising eyes in the animal world.

Cuttlefish, birds: animals with strange pupils

The cuttlefish is an animal endowed with an exceptional peeper. It looks like a W, a feature that would help this fish stabilize a vertically irregular beam of light. Cuttlefish are characterized by a unique type of photoreceptor, which normally allows them to view in monochrome mode. However, its large and mysterious pupils are supposed to facilitate the access to another vision of colors.

As for the birds, their tiny eyes make it possible to see phenomena invisible to humans. They have 6 to 4 cones ensuring them a tetrachromatic vision. Thanks to an atypical double cone and a stick, these sparrows can perceive an uncolored movement.

Also surprising anableps anableps and mantis shrimp

The anableps anableps is often thought of as a four-eyed fish. In reality, this fascinating little animal doesn’t have 4, but it has developed an astonishing adaptation with its 2 eyes. Its ecological niche corresponds to surface waters, in which it mainly stays, feeding on insects living in aquatic environments. His eyes are located above his head and allow him to see the flying critters in the air.

On the other hand, mantis shrimp have the more complex eyes of the animal kingdom. This seabed crustacean spends its existence in rocky tunnels. From the Stomatopods family, mantis shrimps, these gifted creatures, have 16 photoreceptors in their compound pupils. Each eye is connected to a peduncle and is independently movable.


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