the movie-inspired video game shows off its gameplay

The Dune Spice Wars strategy game, inspired by the eponymous film, reveals a little more of its gameplay in a first trailer.

Announced at The Game Awards 2021, Dune Spice Wars is a strategy video game loosely based on the world depicted in the hit film released the same year. It does not feature the character of Paul Atreides but focuses on the planet Arrakis and its main resource, spice. As in the film, and the books that inspired the cinematographic work, the spice is highly sought after and stirs up all the desires and the greatest dangers.

The goal of Dune Spice Wars is therefore to tame the planet Arrakis, which has a most hostile environment, to establish spice extraction zones and to expand its territory by taking part in fights against other players but also against the terrible towards sands, which can arise at any time. Check out the first gameplay trailer for this real-time strategy game below.

A complete and rich game

In the video we see that several paths are available to us, such as that of diplomacy, that of trade or that of espionage. But the most impressive remains the visual aspect of the game and its atmosphere in general. We feel the studio’s desire to offer us a complete but also very beautiful game, like Denis Villeneuve’s film. Some characters are indeed very similar.

For your own adventure, you can choose between several factions. You are therefore free to play as a member of House Harkonnen or House Atreides, among other available clans. For now Dune Spice Wars does not yet have a release date but should arrive this year on Steam in early access. So we will surely have news of the game in a few months.

Dune 2 in theaters by 2023

As for the films, Denis Villeneuve has been given the green light to direct a second film, although the filmmaker has previously confided that Dune lends itself more to the format of a trilogy. Only time will tell if a third film can be produced. In the meantime, the filming of Dune 2 should begin this summer, still with Timothée Chalamet in the main role of Paul Atreides, Zendaya in the skin of Chani and Rebecca Ferguson who plays Paul’s mother, Dame Jessica.

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