the multiplayer mode opens your arms

The playable demo of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is already available on PlayStation.

During State of Play on Wednesday, March 9, Sony lifted the lid on four new franchises, a new trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo, an update for Returnalbut also great news for the title of Square Enix, namely Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Indeed, the game offers a playable demo on PS4 and PS5 with the added bonus of a new presentation trailer.

Know that the demo is already available on the consoles and that it gives you access to the multiplayer mode which allows you to face the game with two other players. If you choose to do this adventure as a group, the game host will control Jack and the other two players will have to play as one of the remaining characters, namely Ash, Jed, Neon, or Sophia.

Square Enix has thought of everything since the progress through the missions will be recorded for all players, and will be saved if you decide to buy the game afterwards. So you won’t have to start all over again. The development team, in an interview with Sony, also reveals its inspirations for the multiplayer mode.

Final Fantasy XI and Nioh as main references

Unsurprisingly, it is nioh which comes first, with Final Fantasy XI on his heels. They explain : ” the team drew inspiration from a variety of sources for SOPFFO’s multiplayer mode, including Nioh, where the high difficulty of the single-player mode can be mitigated by the multiplayer mode. Personally, I was a basic Final Fantasy XI player, so this was a big benchmark for me, in terms of synergy between companions and tasks to tackle tough enemies. »

They also want to remind you that the composition of the team is essential to achieve victory. The different character styles complement each other and it’s important to strike a good balance. They explain : ” Despite the difficulty of having six professions in one space, we felt it was important to let players enjoy the game and present the different professions in their own way. We also wanted to give players the freedom to fully consider their position composition and team synergy. »

To discover the game in its entirety, go to next march 18. Sony recalls that with pre-orders, players will be able to access the titles in early access from March 15 next. Players who participated in the demo can also be matched in games with players of roughly the same level, unless you prefer to play with friends.

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