the must-have VPN for back to school offers 3 months free

Back to school is already here, and if you haven’t had time to equip yourself with a VPN, we have the one for you.

Summer is already coming to an end, and vacation time is over for most of us. And if the start of the school year has arrived sooner than expected for you, rest assured, there is still time to equip yourself with some essentials, starting with a VPN.

As a reminder, a VPN is a cybersecurity tool, designed to protect you from the risks of hacking, usurpation or espionage on the Internet. To do this, a VPN will protect your data and preserve your privacy online. But in this area, not all providers are created equal, so equip yourself with one of the best VPNs in the world, such as CyberGhost VPN. We explain here how this software is optimal for your back to school.


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Back to school connected and safe with CyberGhost

If you’ve ever been even remotely interested in VPNs, you should know that their primary role is to keep you safe on the net. And in this sector, CyberGhost is very strong. Indeed, CyberGhost acts on two levels to protect you: it encrypts your browsing data and camouflages your IP address.

When it comes to encrypting your browsing data, CyberGhost uses the AES-256 algorithm, which is the best there is in the cybersecurity world. Thus, no one can access your passwords, bank details or even your browsing history.

The VPN also camouflages your IP address as soon as you activate it. This will have the effect of preventing anyone from tracing your identity or knowing your location. But its security advantages go further. The application integrates other options such as the Kill Switch.

This feature is used to suspend your traffic in case the VPN disconnects. This therefore prevents your data from being exposed, even by mistake or momentarily. And if you want to take advantage of all this for the start of the school year, know that you are in good time because this VPN has a very attractive offer.

The price of the 3-year subscription is revised downwards. By subscribing, you will benefit from an immediate discount of -83% as well as 3 free months in addition. You can thus use the VPN for 39 months for only €82.29, compared to almost €500 in normal times.

In addition, know that with this VPN, your confidentiality is also assured. CyberGhost does enforce a strict no-logs policy. This means that the company does not store any data relating to you or your use of the software.

Therefore, your information cannot leak in any way. This parameter is crucial and should not be taken lightly, and on this subject it is useful to know that many free VPNs do not respect this rule.

CyberGhost is also very useful for your leisure and entertainment

If back to school rhymes above all with work, you must not forget your hobbies and entertainment. And here too, CyberGhost has a lot to offer you. This provider has more than 8,800 servers in a total of 91 countries around the world.

This impressive geographical coverage will open many doors for you: by connecting to these servers, you will automatically benefit from an IP address located in the desired country, which will be very useful for fooling geolocation systems.

You will thus have access to all foreign content, such as Netflix catalogs, but also websites, game servers or even television channels. Plus, CyberGhost is one of the fastest VPNs out there, ensuring a smooth experience even when streaming or gaming.

By the way, CyberGhost is also very good for downloading torrents, as it supports P2P traffic and has servers optimized for this use. And, let’s remember, this VPN is available to you for the start of the school year at a bargain price. Thanks to its current offer, the VPN is accessible for only €2.11 monthly, instead of the usual €12.65.

Discover CyberGhost VPN

And since we are talking about what CyberGhost can bring you on a daily basis, you should also know that its application is very easy to use, even for the most beginners. The latter adapts to all media: computer, tablet, smartphone, console, connected TV or router.

You can also connect up to 7 devices at the same time on the same subscription, in order to equip your whole family. Finally, also know that CyberGhost VPN offers all new customers a 45-day money-back guarantee. So there is no risk in trying it.

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