The mystery of the tomb of the child king Tutankhamun finally solved

The disappearance ofAncient Egypt left behind many mysteries that men continue to unravel. Recently, Egyptologists solved one of these long mysteries suggesting that the tomb intended for the king Tutankhamun had been exchanged for that of his successor Ay. This indication answers a question that Egyptologists have long asked themselves: Why was not the tomb of the great pharaoh fit for a king?

Discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb in November 1922, the researchers found that it was neglected and practically untouched. This phenomenon was quickly justified by the extreme simplicity of the grave which in no way reflected the position and prestige that the great pharaoh occupied in ancient Egypt. From there was born the mystery finally settled.

Throughout his reign, Tutankhamun was a brave and strong leader, which is why his name remains engraved in the archives. The enigma of his tomb therefore aroused the interest of more than one archaeologist.

The answer ? Pharaoh Ay

To try to know the truth, the Egyptologist Aliaa ismail examined Ay’s grave for clues. During this inspection, she found that the walls of the walls were adorned with works of art depicting baboons. Previously, these same creations had been found in the tomb of the great pharaoh.

“It is very similar to Tutankhamun’s tomb; the style, the work of art, the sarcophagus. But, she’s so much bigger. “

Aliaa Ismail, Egyptologist

The researchers then issued hypotheses. According to them, when Tutankhamun died, the majestic tomb he had commissioned was not completed. Ay would therefore have seized the opportunity to buried the illustrious king in a smaller tomb. Mrs. Ismail is convinced that Ay buried Tutankhamun in the small tomb so that she could afford the biggest.

“It is the tomb which was intended for Tutankhamun, the tomb of Ay. “

Aliaa Ismail, Egyptologist

Tutankhamun’s tomb: a real treasure chest

For a long time, Tutankhamun was discredited as well by the ancient Egyptians as by the pharaohs which are subsequent to him. But following the discovery of his grave, he regained all the interest he deserved. Many archaeological surveys were carried out in the tomb by Mr. Carter, the one who discovered it.

Until today, he has unearthed thousands ofantique objects, the best being a sarcophagus containing three coffins nested within each other.

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