The Nevera hypercar is very fast and it will soon be in the hands of its first customers

No other car can achieve the 0 to 100 km/h as quickly as the Nevera, and this is the main selling point for this hypercar signed Rimac whose production has just started.

Future owners of the Nevera have paid $2.5 million for what promises to be one of the fastest electric cars in the world. The hypercar, which displays a power of 1,914 horsepower, will propel its two passengers from 0 to 100 km / h in 1.85 seconds. Unheard of in any other production vehicle!

Hair-raising performances

Rimac Automobili, a company based in Zagreb, Croatia, started production of the Nevera. Despite its maddening price, the first 150 units have been reserved. The company merged its hypercar business with French Bugatti last November. And it has the wind in its sails: it is one of the two Croatian “unicorns” thanks to a valuation that exceeds one billion dollars.

In this case, Rimac is currently valued at 2.2 billion thanks to a fundraising of 537 million dollars in which Porsche participated. The builder is a long-time investor who owns 20% of the capital of the company. If Rimac bets a lot on the Nevera, this hypercar is only a showcase for the other activity of the company.

The Rimac Technology subsidiary supplies electrical components and technologies (batteries, software optimization, energy storage, driver assistance system) to several traditional manufacturers, including Porsche and Pininfarina. Eventually, Rimac hopes to produce tens of thousands of components for electric cars each year.

Part of the fresh money obtained during the fundraising will be used to build a campus in Zagreb, which will also serve as a production line for Nevera. The company also plans to double its workforce and open new offices throughout Europe.

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