the new cheaper subscription with ads is not available on Apple TV

Apple TV has a Netflix application, but it does not allow you to use the streaming giant’s new ad-riddled subscription, the Basic plan. However, that should change soon.

netflix loss subscribers recap
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Yesterday, Netflix launched a new cheaper formula partly financed by advertising. If it is available on most media, it seems that Apple TVs are currently not compatible. Indeed, a support document confirms that Apple TV is not a supported device for Netflix Basic.

As a reminder, this new formula only 5.99 euros per month is Netflix’s cheapest, but it will compel subscribers to view between 4 and 5 minutes of commercials per hour. Moreover, the image quality is limited to 720p. Other restrictions include the inability to download your movies and series for offline viewing, as well as an incomplete catalog compared to other subscriptions.

Apple promises that its Apple TV will soon be compatible

In an official statement, Apple announced that ” Basic plan support with ads on tvOS not available at launch but will be available soon “. The spokesperson did not explain why it is not currently available on Apple TV, nor revealed an exact date for pick-up.

It has been now the Netflix app on tvOS has been lagging for several years of its rivals in terms of features on several aspects, such as not supporting any interactive video content. This could be a real problem for Apple in the short term, since it is recalled that the American manufacturer is due to launch its new, cheaper Apple TV 4K today, which also targets lower-income consumers.

As a reminder, this one will be marketed at €169 or €189 depending on the configuration chosen (64GB or 128GB of storage), and will allow users to enjoya 50% jump in performance compared to the previous generation, thanks to the integration of a A15 chip. the Dolby Vision as well as HDR10+ are also included, which will delight the most cinema-loving users. Finally, we can also note that the remote control is finally equipped with a USB-C connector.

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