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the new Dreame P10 and P10 Pro stick vacuums at indecent prices

Stick vacuum cleaners have not yet faded into oblivion. These remain very effective against dirt while sporting a more modern and much more ergonomic design. These new Dreame P10 and P10 Pro are all the more formidable following the fall in their respective prices for the Single Day.

Indeed, the large stick vacuum cleaners that we all knew when we were little are becoming increasingly rare, especially thanks to ever more ergonomic, lightweight and designer models such as the Dreame P10 and P10 Pro. For several years, manufacturers have succeeded in offering ever more powerful and ever more functional stick vacuum cleaners. Some will allow you to mop in parallel, but where these Dreame P10 and P10 Pro stand out is really in the suction of dirt. On top of that, they’re both on sale at the AliExpress retailer for Single Day (November 11) priced at 159 euros for the Dreame P10 and 178 euros for the Dreame P10 Pro using code 11AE22 (P10 ) or 11AE30 (P10 Pro)!

Buy the Dreame P10

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To secure this unprecedented price on the Dreame P10 and P10 Pro, you must put the chosen model in your basket as of today (and create an AliExpress account). Do not panic, the site will not empty the baskets by November 11, the date of Single Day. On the day of the operation, you will not have time to create an account, add the model to your basket and order it because it will probably already be out of stock! On November 11 at 9 a.m. sharp, you will only have to confirm the order as soon as the offer and the code are active.

Note that AliExpress ships the Dreame P10 and P10 Pro from a French warehouse, which ensures fast and free delivery, not to mention the VAT which is included.

P10 or P10 pro: the king’s choice!

This is not a stick vacuum cleaner but two models that we are highlighting in this good plan. The first, the Dreame P10 is the most classic model. This is equipped with a 350 watt motor offering 20,000 Pa and capable of carrying out nearly 100,000 rotations per minute. The motor also has a three-stage Space Air feature so that dirt really doesn’t stand a chance. Of course, the autonomy will vary according to your needs but thanks to its 2000 mAh battery, you can push the Dreame P10 to its limits without any problem. Note that the eco mode will allow you to have about fifty minutes of autonomy after 2.5 hours of recharging.

For its part, the Dreame P10 Pro brings a little more power, whether in terms of the battery, but also in terms of the engine. The latter offers 60 watts more or a total of 410 watts powered by a 2,500 mAh battery in order to overcome this power gap while saving nearly 10 minutes on autonomy. The engine is also complemented by an engine with Space Air 2.0 functionality.

Common features between these Dreame

Aside from the technical aspect, these two stick vacuum cleaners both offer an LCD screen to easily select modes, monitor the battery status and stay informed of the general condition of the Dreame P10 and P10 Pro. Note that the two models can adapt to its environment, so you can shorten the tube to vacuum a sofa or car seats, or conversely, extend it to access the cobwebs. on the ceiling. Moreover, even if the so-called Pro models are generally heavier, these two models are the same weight: 1.63 kg.

You will understand, whatever model you choose, you will have in your possession an excellent stick vacuum cleaner. You will pay for it relatively quickly thanks to its ability to retract to vacuum the sofa, the car or your bed.

AliExpress already displays the price that will be in effect on the Dreame P10 and P10 Pro during Single Day. This offer will be active from November 11 at 9 a.m. sharp. To have the chance to benefit from it, the most strategic is to anticipate by putting one of the models (or both) in your basket now. On D-Day, the offer can disappear in just a few minutes. If you have already added one of the models to your cart, you will only have to add the code 11AE22 (for the P10) or 11AE30 (for the P10 Pro) and pay the order.

From 9 a.m. on November 11, the immediate discount and code will take effect. Like every year, this edition of Single Day at AliExpress risks condensing the majority of sales in the first hour. Shortly after the launch of the event, the ruptures will be massive and that is why the Dreame P10 and / or the P10 Pro must be added to the basket before the operation.

Buy the Dreame P10

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