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The new Macbook Pro M2 is more powerful than a Mac Pro

The all-new MacBook Pro M2 isn’t the most powerful computer in Apple’s history, but it’s still a racehorse.

Apple never ceases to surprise us with its M1 chips, and now M2. Indeed, the Apple brand, which has just presented the second generation of its M series chip for computers and tablets, has managed the small feat of performing once again, after the 2020 earthquake and the arrival of the M1 chip. on the market.

With the M2 chip, Apple has succeeded and continues to make its products ever more efficient. Offered in two different models, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, which had the right to a new design for the occasion, the M2 chip sublimates these machines, making them more powerful than many of their counterparts.

A completely outdated Mac pro

According to a recent test by Geekbench 5, released this Wednesday, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro scored better on multi-core than many other Apple devices. With a total of 8928, this new MacBook pro does notably better than the Mac Pro with a standard configuration, an 8-core Intel Xeon W processor.

As a reminder, the Mac pro-is the last computer from Apple not yet to benefit from the M series chips, the device has not been updated since 2020 and the announcement of the arrival of the M1 chip . With its entry-level Intel processor, it offers a multi-core score of 8027, which gives an 11% performance advantage for the MacBook Pro M2.

To continue the comparison, it is good to remember another order of magnitude that makes all the difference for customers: the price. With an entry-level price of $5,999 (€6,499.00 in France), the Mac pro is, on paper when it was released, what Apple knew how to do best. But the world of new technologies and IT is changing fast, very fast.

With an 11% more efficient MacBook Pro M2, Apple manages to create a price difference of nearly €5,000 between the two products. As a reminder, the MacBook Pro M2 is available today on Apple’s online store at a starting price of €1,599.

Mac Studio: always above the rest

In the rest of its test, Geekbench gives an inventory of the performance of Apple computers. If the Mac Studio, presented by Apple a few months ago, still sits proudly in the lead, the device risks being largely surpassed by the next update of the Mac Pro, which professionals are waiting for with great impatience.

As far as laptops are concerned, the most powerful machines remain the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros equipped with M1Max processors. These computers indeed achieve a multi-core score of 12,162 to 12,219. With a score of 8928, the MacBook Pro M2 is ahead of its predecessor as well as the entry-level version of the Mac Pro.

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