the new Pixar film is already available on Disney+

The latest addition to the Pixar family has recently been available on the Disney+ streaming platform. Find out everything there is to know about this colorful animated film in this article.


Head over to Disney+ now to enjoy the brand new feature film from Pixar animation studios: Red alert.

Released on March 11 on the streaming platform, the film traces the story of young Mei Leea Chinese teenager living in Toronto and torn between the model image she gives to her very protective mother and the difficulties brought about by adolescence.

But the changes brought about by this period are not common for Mei Lee: her body certainly changes, but for transform into a giant red panda as soon as her emotions overwhelm her! And while she is only 13 years old, as much to say that it happens to her often…

3 good reasons to be tempted by Red Alert

You have the 90s nostalgia ? The new Pixar is for you. The adventures of Mei Lee take place in the late 90s. Tamagoshi, cassette player and other vintage objects are thus part of the game for an atmosphere full of humor and dreams.

Another reason to appreciate the film is the presence of Mei Lin, who camps a heroine full of surprise and character. Directed by Domee Shi, who had already directed the Oscar-winning short film Bao on an Asian bun, Red Alert honors a young girl at a time when many films still focus only on boys. Beyond Mei Lin, the film features many female characters, all complex and thoughtful.

Finally, with Alerte Rouge, it is an opportunity to benevolently rediscover the pangs and difficulties of the life of a teenager. The film forgets nothing and narrates the first crushes, like the first rules or the first conflicts with adults and parents.

To discover this new nugget signed Pixar, go without delay to the Disney + streaming platform. You can find all the Pixar classics like Inside Out, but also the most recent films like Luca or Soul.

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