The new PlayStation Plus is already losing games from its catalog

If you have just taken out an Extra or Premium subscription to PS Plus, hurry: these two games will be leaving the catalog very soon!

The new PlayStation Plus formula drastically changes Sony’s offer in order to attract more players and try to compete with the Xbox Game Pass. This updated version of the subscription is sort of a merger between what PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now previously offered. Depending on the level of subscription chosen, it is possible to have access to an entire catalog of games, for download or streaming.

Thus an incalculable number of hours of games are offered to subscribers on big titles like Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to name a few (you can find the entire catalog right here). However, like PS Now in its day, the games offered in the vast catalog of the new PS Plus are not here for an indefinite period

Deletions here and there

It didn’t take long for Sony’s offer to change since July already marks the first start for games offered in Extra and Premium subscriptions. Titles in these subscription tiers cannot be added to the player library indefinitely in the manner of the monthly rotation offered since the existence of PS Plus, so be prepared to see some disappear.

The ball is launched with Shadow Warriors 3 and Syberia that are already taking flight and abandoning PlayStation Plus ship. The first is leaving the platform today on July 5, 2022, while Syberia remains available until July 19. There are therefore two short weeks left for subscribers to take advantage of this title if you feel like it.

Unfortunately, these deletions will not be the only ones and others are already planned for the coming months. The saga Red Dead Redemption will not last long either since Red Dead Redemption 2 will leave on September 20followed by the original PlayStation 3 title on October 17.

The Xbox Game Pass also works on a rotation system, but always offering a new batch of games to compensate for the loss caused, hope that Sony will follow this trend to keep an interest in this new subscription.

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