The new Playstation Plus is wreaking havoc on gamers!

While Sony’s subscription has just had a makeover, the new formulas are confusing when it comes to buying a prepaid card.

The PlayStation Plus tries to compete with the Xbox Game Pass with different subscriptions to more or less advantageous exclusive advantages. After arriving in France on June 23, the new service is already beginning to prove itself and has won the hearts of the editorial staff. Between a selection of great games and little gems from past years for a bit of nostalgia, the offer is quite complete and offers hours of play for a fairly reasonable price. However, who says new formulas says new prepaid cards, and on this side Sony is not strong at all.

In the PS Plus family I ask…

In the past, physical stores and online retailers offered PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription cards for different durations. With a simple and effective system, all you had to do was select the formula of your choice for the desired duration. Now, prepaid wallet cards merge with PlayStation Plus subscription cards and the signage for these is not the clearest.

Screenshot from Amazon showing the new PlayStation Plus prepaid cards compared to the old ones
© Amazon / Sony / JDG

Freshly arrived on Amazon, these new cards have a look halfway between the wallet card and the PlayStation Plus card. A map of 25€ is stamped “3 months PlayStation Plus Essential” while a card of 60€ is indicated for a subscription “12 months PlayStation Plus Essential”. There are therefore no cards adapted to the Extra or Premium formulas. Thus, the least informed players (and more particularly families) risk getting lost and will now have to check the price of the desired subscription on their console before going to the store.

While the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus cards were already causing a lot of problems for employees of specialized stores having to face hordes of confused parents, in other words, this new format is not likely to make their task easier.

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