the new Predator is making a big splash

Nobody believed it and yet. The new Predator film breaks audience records on Hulu and Disney+.

Many reboots, revivals and sequels invade our screens. On the side of horror, it is also commonplace. predator, halfway between action and horror, is no exception to this phenomenon. While we would not have bet a coin on the film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, it seems that he is finally emulating. Many Hulu subscribers have been discovering Prey during its first weekend of operation.

At least that’s what the North American SVOD offer suggests. She says this is the best launch in her history. Hulu and Disney, however, did not specify how many users had viewed it. So far these are Palm Springs and Our Worst Friends who held the record. Again, no figures were shared. We will therefore have to take Hulu at its word.

We can nevertheless dissect the critical opinions to get an idea of ​​its popularity. On Rotten Tomatoes, it’s obviously a hit. Prey accumulate no less than 92% positive reviews in the press. On the public side, it’s a little less with only 81% of positive reviews. That doesn’t make it a failure though.

In France also

In France, where it is offered on Disney +, there is also plenty of praise. It boasts a 3.6 star rating with no less than 11 reviews. The director of 10 Cloverfield Lane seems to have conquered his audience, despite his rather surprising bias.

The narration plunges us into effect, nearly 300 years before the adventures of Dutch Schaeffer. Naru, a fierce and brilliant Comanche warrior now makes it her duty to protect her tribe as soon as danger threatens her. She decides to hunt a strange alien creature with an advanced and extremely sophisticated arsenal. A confrontation then begins between the two adversaries, but who is the prey?

In the casting, it is Amber Midthunder who embodies the main character. The actress passed by the series Legion stars Dakota Beavers and Michelle Thrush (Fargo). Under the Predator costume, it is the impressive Dane DiLiegro who hides. The former basketball player, who is no less than 2.06 meters, seemed cut out for the job.

To discover Prey, so it’s on Disney+ that it’s happening. The film is available from on August 5, 2022.

Discover Prey on Disney+

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