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Until now rather shy on the question of pure innovation, Lelo has just dotted the i’s with its new Dot, a new generation clitoral stimulator.

Since its inception, the sex toy market has improved considerably. Low-frequency vibrations, bolder shapes and colours, models dedicated to penises or Wi-Fi connection… sex toys are no longer content to follow and resemble each other: they must also innovate technologically. It must be said that the market is buoyant: estimated at 74 billion euros in 2019, the sextech market should represent more than 122 billion euros by 2024, according to the magazine. Forbes.

Discover the Lelo Dot

Faced with a societal and commercial craze that has been constantly increasing for several years, sex toys no longer have a choice: they must evolve. However, it is difficult to reiterate the tidal waves caused by the rabbit in the 1980s, or more recently by Womanizer and the contactless. This year, it is the Lelo brand that intends to mark the history of sextech. After almost a year of suspense and a few weeks of feverish expectation, the luxury brand has just launched its Dot, an amazing device that already hears revolutionize the clitoral vibrator (just that).

Lelo dot sextech sextoy view set
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Design: another UFO

Delivered in an elegant black rigid box, the Dot should not disorient regulars of the brand. Lelo knows how to play on a premium brand image, and does not hesitate. The sex toy is presented like a jewel in its case, and the golden finishes in ABS plastic inside the handle complete the picture.

Like the Enigma or the Sila Cruise before it, the Lelo Dot is intriguing: its curves and its slender teardrop shape make you think of everything, except a sex toy. However, we find all the ingredients that have made the success of the brand, with a biocompatible silicone without phthalate, perfect finishes and three control buttons on the top of the device. To power the sex toy, a discreet punch allows you to insert the brand’s proprietary cable without compromising on the tightness of the product.

Lelo dot sextech sextoy zoom tip
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If it still looks like a futuristic UFO, the Dot is in fact in the purest tradition of the brand’s products. We are also betting on the release by next year of a Dot Cruise model, which will complete the already well-stocked catalog of the Swedish giant.

The Dot wants to make its revolution

No suction mouth or vibrating head on the Dot. The brand relies on a thin flexible rod that begins to oscillate when the device is running. Instead of just vibrating, the sex toy head will perform a figure 8 elliptical movementa new in-house technology called Infinite Loop.

It is this movement, imperceptible to the naked eye, which will stimulate the external part of the clitoris. A small revolution promises Lelo, since the device would offer the advantages of a low frequency vibratorwhile drastically reducing the refractory period between two orgasms.

Lelo dot sextech sextoy front view
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On paper, the promise is good: after establishing itself on the vibrator and then the contactless market, Lelo wants to create its own sextech revolution, by inventing a completely new type of external stimulation. It was time.

Features: Lelo dots the i’s

Behind its unconventional design, Lelo’s new toy offers a slew of features. Its three control buttons are identical to what is already found on the brand’s previous devices: a central button to turn the sex toy on and off, a + and a – to navigate between the eight intensities and the different patterns. Note also that as is the case for almost all of the brand’s products, pressing the two control buttons simultaneously will lock the sex toythus preventing the latter from accidentally triggering in a suitcase, for example.

On the battery side, Lelo remains on a relatively classic technical sheet, with a 520 mAh battery, rechargeable in 2 hours via its proprietary USB-A wired cable. If it is not surprising, this point is not the most brilliant concerning the technical sheet of the Dot. Europe has voted to switch to the single USB-C charger by the end of 2024 for smartphones, tablets and several other types of electronic devices, it is time for sex toys to benefit from the same fate.

Lelo dot sextech sextoy zoom buttons
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The only good news is that the brand has fortunately chosen to standardize all of its charging cables with the same connectors. On a purely practical level, therefore, nothing to complain about. The cable is of good quality, and the device provides a battery life of about 2 hours at full power, enough to ensure a few orgasms.

Use: a vibrator without refractory period

Used as a couple – especially during a penetrating report – or in the context of classic masturbation, the Lelo Dot looks like a fairly classic vibrator: coupled with a few drops of water-based lubricants, just put it on the external glans of the clitoris (or any other erogenous zone) so that it begins to take effect. Only recommendation of the brand: be limited to external use. Introduced into an orifice, the Dot does not actually prove to be the most pleasant.

On the glans of the clitoris, the Dot will act like an (almost) classic vibrator, capable of precisely stimulate the external partwhile passing on its “vibes” to the internal roots (more commonly known as the G zone). In terms of pure power, Lelo is still flawless, with a high-performance sex toy capable of stimulating the entire pelvic area while limiting itself to a very limited contact area. If the power of the device can easily be modulated by playing on the pressure of the flexible rod, it must be admitted that the sensations are on the other hand quite new: even at full power, no unpleasant sensation disturbs the stimulation.

Lelo dot sextech sextoy side view
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Sensitive clitoris may just have found the perfect stimulator: Lelo’s Dot has everything from a classic vibrator, except for the flaws, and it is precisely on this point that the sextoy stands out as one of the new references in sextech. On classic models – including low frequency – the vibration will stimulate the external glans of the clitoris, but also heat it during and after stimulation. Concretely, it will be more difficult to chain the orgasms because of the hypersensitivity caused by the prolonged contact of the nervous system with the device. The problem had already been solved by the arrival of contactless, but this is the first time that a friction sex toy has really tackled this refractory period.

As expected with Lelo, the bet is successful hands down. Used for precise or more diffuse stimulation – thanks to the vibrations that reverberate throughout the device, the Dot allows deep orgasms in minutes, especially when coupled with internal stimulation. After a first masturbation, the sensation of heat usually caused by vibrations is almost absent, with sensations that finally approach a contactless stimulator. Result: it is possible to chain orgasms several times before feeling the slightest discomfort.

On a daily basis: a point that’s all

As always with Lelo, the brand retains with its Dot a sense of detail that is rare on the market: its buttons are placed upside down, so that they fall logically (+ at the top, – at the bottom) under the fingers when the sex toy is in use. As for its tapered shape, it is not only there to emphasize the delicacy of its flexible stem: once the device is pressed against the clitoris, it above all allows you to occupy as little space as possible, and thus to facilitating intercourse or internal stimulation. It may be a detail, but it’s a real advantage compared to the brand’s other non-contact stimulators, which tended to hinder penetration with their curved shape.

Lelo dot sextech sex toy standing view
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Of course, the Dot also comes with all the features you expect from a Lelo product. In addition to its one-year warranty, there is a IPX7 certified which makes the sex toy completely waterproof. A very good point, which allows it to be used in water, but above all to be more easily cleaned on a daily basis. On the price side, no surprise, the brand remains in the very high end, with a price of around 180€. Innovation has a price, and it’s salty.

Discover the Lelo Dot

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