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Oussekine, the new Disney+ mini series arrives this Thursday, May 11 on the sVOD platform. Discover here the trailer for the 3rd original Disney+ production which looks back on the moving story of Malik Oussekine.

Adapted from real events, Oussekine is the new original Disney+ series available from this Wednesday, May 11. It traces the tragic events that took place on the night of December 5 to 6, 1986 and which cost the life of Malik Oussekine, a 22-year-old student killed by police as he left a Nina Simone concert, Saint-Germain-des-Pres club.

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Oussekine: the new Star Disney+ original series

The series also looks back on his family’s fight for justice in the face of state attempts to cover up the case. It took 36 years to see this drama adapted to the screen. At the realization, we find Antoine Chevrollier (“Baron Noir”, “Le Bureau des Légendes”). The latter discovered by chance the story of Malik Oussekine.

By listening to the rap piece “L’Etat assassine” by the group Assassin present in the film “La Haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz. In the latter, the rappers repeatedly refer to the Oussekine affair. It was from this moment that the desire came to him to shoot a series dedicated to him. In production, Pierre Laugier and Anthony Lancret to whom we owe HPI broadcast on TF1, an original series, intelligent, full of humanity, humor and charm.

So far, no television production has returned to this tragedy. Apart from the book “La mort indigne de Malik Oussekine” written by Nathalie Prévost, whose original publication dates from 1989, the tragic fate of Malik has never been told by a fiction or a French production. It is now done with this series which comes in 4 episodes of one hour each.

In the cast we find Sayyid El Alami in the role of Malik Oussekine who notably stood out in the Netflix series Messiah or even in the event series of TF1, “A so long night”. Tewfik Jallab plays Mohamed, one of Malik’s brothers. The latter also distinguished himself in the film “La Marche” by Nabil Ben Yadir, a true story of the march for equality and against racism, especially alongside Djamel Debbouze.

But also Kad Merad in the role of the lawyer Georges Kiejman, and Olivier Gourmet in that of the Minister Delegate for Security. To complete this cast, we find his mother Aïcha (Hiam Abbass), his other brother Ben Amar (Malek Lamraoui), his sisters Fatna (Naidra Ayadi), and Sarah (Mouna Soualem) who will sacrifice everything so that justice is done. The new French series Oussekine can be discovered today on Disney+.

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