The next-gen patch is now available

After being pushed back last year, next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 are now available. Those who own the game can already download the upgrade on the platforms playstation5 and Xbox Series X|S respective. The curious can try out the title through a demo also available now and whose progress will be transferable to the full game. It was in a long stream broadcast this afternoon that the CD Projekt RED team unveiled the content of this substantial update.

Cyberpunk 2077 ray-tracing

This patch 1.5 will introduce a plethora of both superficial and substantial changes to the gaming experience. Graphics improvements.

The two Performance and Ray-tracing display modes are thus both upgraded to 4K resolution. The Performance mode will prioritize the frame rate by running at 60fps, while the Ray-tracing mode will introduce the management of ray-tracing on the shadows, at the cost of a framerate reduced by half. Loading times will also be optimized for SSDs of these hardware and therefore considerably reduced.

New for Night City

Other changes will affect all platforms; starting with an in-depth review of the artificial intelligence of NPCs, whether enemies—heralded as smarter in combat—and passers-by. The latter will react to the actions of the player in the open world (to flee or respond with arms), whether they are pedestrians or in a car. The game interface has also been revised, in particular the map which now makes it possible to distinguish between main and secondary content and has been added a filter system for markers.

A massive number of new abilities have also been added to the game’s skill tree, along with new weapons to purchase. Also on the side of the game avatar, new apartments can be rented indefinitely. Mirrors present in each of these unofficial HQs will allow customization of the protagonist’s appearance (hair, makeup, among others). The list of all changes in Update 1.5 can be found on the studio’s official website.

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