the next slasher starring Mia Goth is deliciously awful

A few months ago, director Ti West unveiled his new horror film starring Mia Goth. Soberly titled “X”, the feature film received an excellent reception from the public and critics. Today, Ti West is back with ” Pearl “, his new baby who promises to be always as deliciously horrifying as his predecessor. Video proof with this new trailer both creepy and disturbing.

Prequel to X, discover the story of Pearl

In “X”, a group of amateur filmmakers rents the annex of an isolated farm to shoot a pornographic film. What they don’t know is that Pearl, the old landlady, is out of her mind. How did she get there? This is what Ti West invites you to discover in his new film. The story thus follows Pearl, then young and pretty, but stuck with her sick father and her domineering mother. The young woman dreams of a glamorous life, but has to take care of the family farm. However, his frustration does not take long to explode… to the great misfortune of those close to him.

Mia Goth is adorably creepy

Never change a winning team ! Ti West has understood this perfectly well since it is always Mia Goth who wears her new film. And what can I say except that the actress is simply impressive in her role. The trailer offers a nice glimpse of her extraordinary performances, as she slips into the skin of a young psychopath in the making. Pearl’s character promises to be as delightful as it is terrifying. Love her or hate her, this pretty young woman will not leave you indifferent!

Second part of a macabre trilogy

As you will have understood, “Pearl” is therefore a prequel to “X”! The film was shot just after its predecessor was wrapped. And it’s not over yet, since Ti West has also planned a third part with “MaXXXine” which this time directly follows “X”. We find the character of Maxine Minx some time after the events of the first feature film. Mia Goth will obviously be back in the role, the sequel is scheduled for 2023.

As for “Pearl”, the film was released in American theaters on September 16, 2022. No release date has yet been announced for France.but it should be soon!

Official trailer of the movie Pearl (VF)

Source : Youtube

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