Rogue One : Andor

the next Star Wars series will break a record

After Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cassian Andor will arrive on Disney+ this year and mark a first for Star Wars on the platform.

When a spin-off is entitled to its spin-off, you get Andor. This new series Star Wars destined for Disney+ will serve as a showcase for the tormented past of a main character of RogueOne. In 2016, we met Cassian Andor while Disney offered us to discover the story of the team who sacrificed everything to recover the plans of the Death Star. His moment of glory has now come since he obtains its own derivative series which will even break a record for the license.

Yes RogueOne was already an excellent example of the splendor that the saga can have Star Wars in the cinema when this universe is well treated, the feature film had left us on our hunger as for its characters. These are all as intriguing as each other, but the short format of the film did not leave much room for their development. After all, the real star of the film was the Death Star.

But never mind, the wishes of the fans of Star Wars will be fulfilled with the series Andor which will be released very soon on Disney + at a date still unknown. The first information about him begins to point the tip of their nose, and a tantalizing smell of a hit series is already being felt. This is at least the case according to the words of its director Tony Gilroy.

A phenomenal duration

Get ready to spend several months alongside Cassian since the series is composed of no less than 12 episodes, the record for live-action series of Star Wars. The Lucasfilm teams are betting big, and a second season is already in preparation even before the broadcast of the first.

Gilroy tells Vanity Fair :

It’s a second season, but really for me it’s the second part of the novel. The first season chronicles how he became revolutionary, and the 12-episode second also takes him to the events of Rogue One.

The series also promises to expand the Star Wars universe through many new characters. “I have 211 roles with lines of dialogue in this series. There are probably 75 of those who are really important and at least a dozen very important characters that we will find in season 2.” said Tony Gilroy.

This series seems to promise its share of action and history, and if Disney believes in it enough to offer 2 seasons before even knowing if it will work, it is because the recipe must be effective. We’ll have the answer very soon, but in the meantime, this week marks the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi which bodes well to be just as spectacular.

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