The Nintendo Switch finally overtakes the Wii with this amazing figure

Nintendo unveils the latest sales figures for the Switch, which finally succeeds in dethroning the Wii in terms of popularity.

After Sony and its PS5, it’s Nintendo’s turn to share its latest sales figures for its consoles. These particularly reflect the enthusiasm for the end of the year celebrations, which were rather good on Nintendo’s side if we are to believe the record broken by the Switch. Indeed, it has just exceeded sales of the Wii and therefore becomes the manufacturer’s best-selling console.

The figures speak for themselves, whereas the Wii had stopped at the number of 101.63 million copies sold, the Nintendo Switch it exceeds 103.54 million copies. An impressive upturn that includes sales of the classic Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite and the all-new Switch OLED. While this latest iteration was released only a few months ago, we can still predict a long road to Nintendo’s console, especially if it plans to release a pro version.

Nintendo Switch, Lite, OLED… Pro?

But then, calling all your consoles the same, isn’t that a bit of a cheat? Of course, there weren’t 36 versions of the Wii: only 2 if you count the Wii U, which was a big flop among consumers. It is therefore necessary to put these figures into perspective with the reality of the commercial context undertaken by Nintendo. Betting on a single appellation also means being able to recreate a brand image.

When we consider that the Switch Lite is only playable in portable mode, the very concept of “switching” mode is not respected, so it should have been named differently. Despite everything, this allows Nintendo to perpetuate the brand while releasing slightly different models, and always below the price bar of its competitors for more accessible audiences.

But that’s not likely to last very long, at least not as long as component shortages continue to plague the tech world. Indeed, as the holidays approached, Nintendo had already cut production by around 30% and scaled back its ambitions for 2022. Indeed, the company went from planning to sell 25.5 million consoles this year, to that of selling 23 million.

The software is doing just as well.

On the games side, however, the firm has no reason to worry, and can count on its iconic franchises to do the job instead of its consoles. Indeed, the latest games Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl sold nearly 14 million copies, while Mario Party Superstars sold 5.43 million units, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD 3.85 million copies. Metroid Dread achieves a very honorable score with 2.74 million units sold.

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