The official Game Awards trophy is on sale on eBay

The video game industry has its own Oscars which are known as the Game Awards. Just like its counterpart, a ceremony is organized every year in this context in order to award prizes to the winners. This is how the developers of the game CĂ©leste will be rewarded with a Game Award in 2018 in the category of best independent game.

A reward that represents the culmination of many years of work for the developers of the two-dimensional platform game. However, it seems that the team never received their trophy after the award acceptance speech. This one ended up all these years in the hands of other people who put it up for auction on eBay. Whoops !

The trophy found thanks to a Youtubeur

The story of the trophy awarded in 2018 to Extremely OK Games for its game Celeste could have been limited to a simple disappearance that has never been elucidated. Except that in the meantime, a Youtubeur by the name of PrestigelsKey who is a big fan of the Games Awards has considered buying a replica of the trophy that he plans to display at home.

For this, he undertook to do some research on eBay to find the rare pearl. So, instead of finding a rare replica of the trophy, he literally comes across a real trophy awarded during one of the Game Awards ceremonies. How can such a coveted trophy end up for free sale on eBay?

The little information that the Youtubeur tried to glean about the real trophy does not provide any indication. Nevertheless, he managed to win the trophy against a sum of around 333 euros.

After receiving his property, PrestigeIsKey will find that the trophy should go to the Celeste team, the game from Extremely OK Games. Indeed, it is written on the reward that it was awarded to Celeste on behalf of the prize for the best independent game of 2018.

With this crucial information, the Youtubeur got in touch with the developers of the game to which the trophy belongs. The latter will make him understand that after the ceremony, the trophy never reached them.

The trophy finds its owners four years later

One would have thought that the winners following a drinking binge sold their trophy without realizing it. But for that, they would have had to be lucky enough to have their prize in hand. Which had never happened until PrestigeIsKey returned the trophy to them after four long years.

Indeed, after contacting the development team, the Youtuber did not hesitate to send the Game Award to their right address. A gesture that was greatly appreciated by the developers of Celeste. Very happy to finally receive their prize in person, they thanked the lucky donor and promised to reimburse him for all costs incurred. In addition to all this, they are going to offer a replica of the trophy to PrestigeIsKey.

All’s well That ends well. Nevertheless, several questions remain unanswered in this colorful story. How come the prize never reached the winners? Why is it precisely Celeste’s trophy that had this extraordinary fate? Questions which for the moment remain unanswered and which no longer really matter except for the organizers of the Game Awards.

The winners can now enjoy their property…

Source: Game Rant

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