the Overture dreams of being a successor to Concorde

We are currently witnessing a race against time to find out who will launch the successor to Concorde first. Several companies are in a hurry to take over from the late Franco-English supersonic! The American manufacturer Boom Supersonic wants to market its Overture in 2029.

We’ve been hearing about Boom Supersonic, this American start-up that wants to market the “successor” to the Concorde, for several years. But the company took a giant leap forward by showing the final design of the Overture at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK.

First tests in 2027

It took 51 iterations of the original design, 26 million hours of software simulation and five wind tunnel tests to arrive at the final result. The jet, very aerodynamic of course, has four engines and wings reminiscent of those of seagulls, as the manufacturer explains!

The aircraft will be capable of carrying 65 to 80 passengers at supersonic speed (Mach 1.7, or 2,100 km/h), enough to connect New York to London in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Boom Supersonic, who describes the Overture as “ son of concord “, intends to launch flight tests from 2027, but marketing will not begin before 2029. Obviously, safety will be scrutinized very closely: it was a crash that finally cut the wings of Concorde, in 2003 .

The manufacturers of supersonic aircraft must also convince the airports to design specific infrastructures to accommodate their aircraft, without forgetting the airlines of course. And that’s not all, it will also be necessary to give passengers the desire to travel in supersonic at very high prices: we are talking about tickets that would cost a minimum of $5,000!

Boom Supersonic developed another model, the XB-1, which served as the base upon which the Overture relied. This jet, presented in October 2020, was designed to be more economical, less harmful to the environment and less noisy than the Concorde.

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