the owners must pay the Sacem!

Bad surprise for owners who rent their houses and apartments for the summer: several of them have received a letter from Sacem demanding payment of royalties. In question ? The presence of a radio or CD player in the living area.

How far will Sacem go to seek copyright for its members? Further and further ! Owners of real estate who rent them for the summer have been the subject of a letter from the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers urging them to regularize their situation: they must pay 223.97 euros including tax to be able to broadcast protected works.

Nearly €224 to stream music

According to Sacem, these letters are not forgeries. ” If the operators of gîtes make a television, radio, CD player, etc. available to their customers in order to make their stay more pleasant “, then these same operators must remunerate the artists, explains the organization to the Parisian. And if the latter are dragged out, Sacem will send a follow-up letter. The fine can be up to 300,000 euros!

To justify the price of the invoice, the director of customer service of the Company, Jean-Félix Choukroun explains that for the owners, this amounts to 2 euros per day, taking into account 105 to 110 rental days on average per year. . He adds : ” if the host makes himself known and contracts online, he will benefit from a 20% discount each year “.

Sacem is entitled to carry out checks, assures the representative. Checks that can go as far as entering homes between two rentals ” to check for the existence of a TV or radio ! Real police powers and again, the police can only enter a dwelling with a court warrant.

At present, we have not heard of any control in this context, but the legal uncertainty surrounding this possibility could push owners to hold the judge to account.

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