the Paramount series will drop the mask of Master Chief

For the first time in Halo history, Master Chief will reveal his face to the world in the Paramount series.

On March 24, the television series Halo will be released on Paramount+, the platform of the American giant. Since the announcement, we have been treated to some interesting teasers and trailers. We saw Master Chief and Cortana, the two main heroes of the video game series. For those who don’t know him, Master Chief, or the Major in French, is a human genetically modified to have incredible combat abilities.

Players know this, the hero never had the opportunity to remove his Spartan armor, and therefore never got to see his face. But that should change soon. Paramount plans to drop the masks and reveal to us for the very first time in history what the Major looks like under the pile of metal that seems to stick to his skin. This is Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer of Halo, who revealed the information to IGN in an interview. She states:

You will see his face. For some people it’s a moment that’s been overdue for 20 years, and for others it’s something that seems very hard to imagine. We absolutely respect both sides of that line, those who really want to see Chief’s face and those who really don’t. I think we set out to tell a character story and a personal story. »

A predictable but nevertheless controversial approach

A shock announcement, which however was no longer really in doubt… since the very first teaser. Unveiled during the special broadcast for the 20th anniversary of Halo, the short video showed us the Major from behind and without his armor. We therefore saw his back, covered with war scars, but also his neck and the back of his head, visibly shaved. We could therefore naturally suspect that we would have a certain visibility on the face of the hero.

However, in the other trailers shared a little later, Master Chief never showed up once without his Spartan armor. We know, however, that it is the actor Pablo Schreiber (Defend Jacob) which will bring the character to the screen. So you can already have an idea of ​​what it will look like, although special effects and makeup can give it a whole new look.

Soon a release date in France

To find out, Paramount gives you an appointment on March 24 next, on Paramount+ in the United States and on Canal+ later in the year in France, following a partnership between the two firms. For the moment no precise release date in our green regions, but availability on mobiles has also been announced.

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