The Percy Jackson series shows its first images: it’s promising!

It was during the D23 that the demi-gods of Rick Riordan’s universe made their first appearance worthy of Olympus.

He never asked to be a demigod, but fans have been asking for his return for years now. Rick Riordan’s novels have shaped the adolescence and youth of an entire generation and these will finally have the right to an adaptation worthy of the name. After the film fiasco Percy Jackson signed 20th Century Fox, it was hard to imagine the franchise returning to the big or small screen. And yet, Disney created a surprise in 2020 with the announcement of its own adaptation of the universe.

While the cast was unveiled a few months ago and filming only started this summer, Disney took care to prepare some surprising images for the D23 Expo. The unmissable meeting of the Burbank firm is often a source of unpublished trailers and Percy Jackson has not failed to make a name for himself alongside Marvel and other licenses.

Welcome to the Half-Blood Colony!

The unveiled teaser is short and simple, but cuts to the chase to show the attention to detail. The original adaptation had taken far too many liberties and hardly resembled Rick Riordan’s story. The new series is under the supervision of the author of the novels in order to provide work that will delight fans., and as much to say that the objective seems to have been achieved. In a single glance at this short trailer, we discover the first images of the colony of half-bloods more real than life.

Dressed in their orange t-shirts and some in armor, the other campers glare at the young Percy who leaves to discover Poseidon’s cabin. The only descendant of this God supposed to have no more children, he will have to face many adventures with dangers worthy of the Odyssey. The Percy Jackson series will adapt one novel per seasonto start with The Lightning Thief in this first edition. No release date has been announced, but it’s a safe bet that the series will appear on the platform in early 2023.

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