the perfect accessory for more comfort on Mac

‘Adam Elements’ brand was established in 2013 in Taiwan, it is an expert in smart device solutions. The brand has a proven track record of inventing quality technological products designed to meet unique daily needs. When we need a connection, a recharge, or a conversion for mobile devices, there is a reference product from this brand that will bring you satisfaction and this is the case with the CASA HUB STAND.

The little extra of the brand: all the devices are guaranteed for 3 years. The pandemic that we have been through for almost two years has changed the work habits of many people. And I am the first concerned. Being part of the group of teleworkers, I am all day in front of my computer, thus, I strain my eyes, take postures that are not always comfortable on my chair and prolong for hours a certain general discomfort that is bad in the long term for my health.

When Fredzone offered me the CASA HUB STAND test, I found the idea brilliant, because it is really an immersive product test for me in my daily life.

Product discovery

The packaging of the product is quite basic, although very well protected. Upon opening, we discover the foldable support as well as the assembly instructions. The USB-C charging port being directly connected to the support, it is really very well designed. The mains charger is purchased separately. It’s an accessory made for my portable Mac, the integration of the 5-port USB-C hub makes it easy to use on the go.

I like how easy it is to mount the stand, it’s extremely easy to use, and I can start my test immediately. I am very reassured to affix my mac on it as the gray aluminum alloy is solid and robust. The latter also has the advantage of being light (830 grams) and not very large (260 mm X 226 mm X 33 mm thick), so it is ideal for trips outside the house!

There are hooks on the front covered with silicone and rubber that protect my device from scratches and will especially prevent it from slipping. I am not at all used to working at height, I feel after an hour of working time, an improvement in the position of my back on my chair and my visual field is at a good height which reduces visual fatigue .

For optimal comfort, my gaze should be slightly downward, creating a 30° angle, without having to move my head too much. The stand offers different viewing angles, its angle is adjustable by 180°, raises up to 110 mm and adapts to the user’s choice.

The essential ports

The real plus of the support is the possibility of being able to benefit, thanks to the integrated hub, from five additional ports for my Macbook. This is often very useful when traveling, when you run out of ports and this is often the case on Macbooks. The built-in USB-C hub is equipped with a USB-C charging port to power the Mac up to 100W, but this is done with its own power adapter that comes with the Mac.

It also has a 4K HDMI port to connect a screen (HDMI cable will be sold separately), and 3 USB-A ports that are used for different peripherals. The connection is made directly with the USB-C cable from the dock and I have no need to download or configure anything. We appreciate the Plug & Play immediately functional. Wherever I am, I can power my Mac and recharge it. It also works on iPads.

Heat dissipation

We talked about the ergonomic advantage that the Casa Hub Stand foldable provides. A great ally for our backs, our eye fatigue and our neck pain, but also for the survival of our laptop.

Elevating your PC also extends its lifespan. This position allows us to better ventilate our device and avoid overheating problems. For more ergonomics, it is possible to take peripherals apart to use a keyboard and a trackpad.

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