the perfect competitor to the Fold 4?

Xiaomi is launching, the day after the release of Samsung’s Fold 4, the Mix Fold 2, its new folding smartphone.

It’s now official, Xiaomi has just presented its Mix Fold 2, the brand new folding smartphone from the Chinese brand. Rumors had been right on the whole in recent weeks, announcing a very high-end phone, equipped with the best components on the market. The day after the release of Samsung’s Fold 4, the competition will not have been long in coming, and Xiaomi is pulling the rug out from under the Korean firm.

The Mix Fold 2: the perfect competitor to the Fold 4

Xiaomi will therefore not have disappointed and is going all out for its Mix Fold 2 with the latest chip from Snapdragon. With the 8 Gen 1 Plus the firm announces a speed similar to the latest Xiaomi 12 S which serves here as a reference model. But the Mix Fold 2 shines above all with its screen. With this 8.2-inch panel when unfolded (the equivalent of an iPad mini), Xiaomi is strong and offers a 6.56-inch screen when the phone is closed.

Xiaomi also announces a 4500 mAh battery, the brand assures that it is sufficient to last more than a whole day with this new Mix Fold 2. According to the firm’s figures, this battery offers 25% greater autonomy than the Fold 3 when the phone is folded, and 35% larger than Samsung’s product when the phone is unfolded.

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The Mix Fold 2: Xiaomi’s new gem

But the great novelty of this Mix Fold 2 is undoubtedly its thickness. The phone is advertised as the thinnest device there is (as far as folding phones go). With 5.4 millimeters thick when unfolded, the smartphone does better than Samsung’s Fold 4 released yesterday, but also better than the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is 7.5 millimeters thick.

Folded, the new Mix Fold 2 is 11 millimeters thick. Xiaomi announces that this size is quite similar to that of an iPhone 13 Pro Max with a protective cover, measured by the brand at 10 millimeters. Xiaomi has worked a lot on the hinge to make it as thin and strong as possible.

But having a foldable screen was not enough for Xiaomi, which offers a very high quality panel. With this 2K+ OLED screen with an adaptive refresh rate ranging from 1 Hz to 120 Hz, the brand is doing as well here as Samsung with its Fold 4 and Flip 4. Because Xiaomi’s objective, without a doubt, is to compete the Korean giant in this emerging market for folding smartphones. And it must be said that with such a complete product, the Mix Fold 2 acts as an ideal rival for the Busan firm.

Folding smartphones: too expensive to please?

But despite the efforts of Samsung and Xiaomi, folding smartphones are still quite exotic. The “wow” effect is always there at each opening, but it hardly justifies the price of these devices. For the Samsung Fold 4 presented yesterday, it takes a little less than 1800 €!
If Xiaomi offers a much cheaper product, the price remains well above the iPhone 13 and surely above the upcoming iPhone 14.

The biggest obstacle to folding smartphones therefore seems to be their price. There is no doubt that with a few hundred euros less the Mix Fold 2 could apply for the title of the most popular smartphone of the year. For the moment the brand has only presented the phone for sales in China, with a starting price below 1300 euros.

But she was quite stingy with information about the arrival of the device on the old continent. As usual, the brand should make an announcement in the coming weeks with the price and the dates of availability of the device in France. All that remains is to wait a bit.

A phone, but not just for Xiaomi

In addition to the phone, the brand took advantage of the event to announce other products such as the brand’s new wireless headphones, the Buds Pro 4. These are accompanied by a new connected watch from the brand. Both products will be available first in China, then in France in a few months.

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