the perfect new gaming monitor?

The Korean manufacturer announces the worldwide release of the latest addition to its Odyssey range, a true concentrate of all-in-one technologies.

If you’re looking for out-of-this-world immersion for your gaming sessions, Samsung has the perfect product for you. Samsung Odyssey Ark display set to make global market release to the delight of players looking for high-end equipment. Obtaining realistic and stunning visuals has become one of the main objectives of manufacturers to offer an ever more premium and surprising experience.

Samsung’s Odyssey monitors have quickly become a benchmark in display gaming, but the manufacturer is setting new standards with its latest toy. Massive curved panel, mind-boggling refresh rate and stunning color rendering: we may have here the future leader in large gaming screens. To better understand what makes the charm of this new device, it is necessary to take an interest in its many technical characteristics and functionalities.

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A versatile screen with many talents

This latest generation panel from Samsung has been designed as a device for players looking for the best on the market today. All the technologies embedded in this 55 inch screen are put at the service of the image quality for an extraordinary rendering. With a image refresh at 165hz and only 1ms response timethe parts on games demanding in movements like counter strike Where Valorant will only be sublimated.

In addition to its surprising size, the screen is curved in such a way as to entirely encompass the peripheral vision of the user in order to give the impression of a cockpit. Although other models on the market offer this kind of experience, the Odyssey Ark stands out for the quality of the images provided. Samsung Quantum Matrix Technology allows control of the LEDs with a precision rarely seen, offering striking visualss, both in bright and dark scenes.

With all this, the Samsung Odyssey Ark also offers a sound that lives up to its images thanks to Sound Dome Tech and Dolby Atmos technology. This condensed technology coupled with gaming add-ons such as AMD FreeSync and Samsung’s Gaming Hub make this screen a real juggernaut in this area. However, you will have to be ready to pay no less than 2999€ to afford this marvel. If this is your case, it is already possible to register for pre-orders on the official Samsung website.

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