The physical version of the remastered trilogy is behind schedule

For those waiting for the physical version of the GTA remastered trilogy to play it will have to wait longer than expected. Pity.

A few weeks ago, went out worldwide GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and with it a slew of bad reviews. Indeed, the game was among the worst launches of this year. For many, the remastering of the titles was far from satisfactory and even distorted the original games. Many have requested an immediate refund after purchase and the disillusion continues to this day.

However, there are still some gamers that the game has not yet reached, and these are those who prefer to buy their games in boxes. The physical editions of the remastered trilogy were originally scheduled to arrive this December 7 for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch versions. Finally, it is a few days late that these will arrive in your usual stores.

On Twitter, Rockstar announces that the physical editions will be available for sale from December 17th. However, it seems surprising that the studio does not apologize for the additional delay, especially for the Switch version which will arrive much later than expected.

Just in time for Christmas … except on Switch

Indeed, if you can offer a box of the collection to your family or friends for this Christmas who play on PS4 or Xbox, it should not be counted too much for those who play on Switch. Is the physical edition postponed to 2022, without further details on the date. Of course, you can always fall back on a digital edition, although it is much less slamming under the tree. Not sure either that you can wrap it in wrapping paper.

In addition, if for Xbox owners a One version and a Series X / S version will be available, this is not the case for owners of a PS5, who will have to be content to go through the PS4 version. Goodbye next-gen optimizations, and welcome backward compatibility. This is yet another disappointment for gamers, who expected more from a prestigious studio like Rockstar Games.

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