the platform unveils the program of celebrations

The big-eared firm unveils the non-exhaustive program for its Disney+ Day.

the september 8, Disney+ puts the small dishes in the big ones. Like last year, the platform gives an appointment to its subscribers for a day placed under the sign of announcements and surprises. For several hours, the streaming service will share unseen images of its most anticipated projects.

We can expect trailers, previews and release dates. Several productions could be revealed a little more, such as the series Benjamin Gates or Willow. We are also awaiting news from Pinocchiothis is at least what the trailer shared this Monday, August 22 on YouTube suggests. Car on the Road should also be entitled to its trailer.

The details of the program have just been shared on Twitter (above).

Little or no Marvel and Star Wars

Licenses Star Wars and Marvel should be discreet. Both franchises have their own annual appointments, we can not expect some information on their respective release schedules. On the other hand, the series in the course of diffusion or with the imminent exit should be with the honor. In any case, it will be she hulkalso at the heart of the video released today.

We can hope to discover new images of Daredevil. Matt murdock must make an appearance in the series worn by Tatiana Maslanyand meet Jennifer Walters to the court. The two protagonists will also explore the streets New Yorker in costume, at nightfall. let’s remember that Daredevil will also be offered a solo series, a revival several years after the hasty shutdown of the series on Disney+.

Namely that the Disney+ Day is integrated into a larger celebration, the D23. During this exhibition, which will take place in California, fans will be able to attend several panels devoted to certain iconic licenses of the firm. We are expecting, for example, a showcase dedicated to Marvel games, or an event that sees life in yellow with the simpsons.

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