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It was on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the famous film Back to the Future, that Playmobil released this Dolorean set, a way to immerse yourself in the trilogy of the 80s!

Today, this Playmobil DeLorean set (70317) is 46% off at Cdiscount, or 33.49 euros, a great gift idea for the end of the year celebrations.

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A Playmobil set to replay the Back to the Future saga

In this Playmobil set, fans will be able to enjoy the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 reproduced to perfection, which is accompanied by equally famous characters: Marty McFly and his skateboard, as well as Doc Brown, with their outfits from 1985, not to mention the Einstein dog and some accessories.

Starting from the year 1985 and propelled in 1955, Marty helped by the doc must resolve the temporal paradoxes he provoked! Indeed, this is where the adolescent meets his young parents and runs the risk of sowing trouble not only in his own future, but throughout the space-time continuum. In addition to that, he will have to repair the time machine to return to his time.

A faithful and timeless replica, the legendary DeLorean offers a large number of details taken from the saga, since it is equipped with a plutonium tank that can be inserted at the rear of the vehicle, a display to go back in time, but also of a capacitor of luminous temporal flux inside and outside (requires 2 batteries 1,5 V AAA). Best of all, you can even turn it into airplane mode thanks to its four wheels that can be retracted 90 degrees!

Dedicated to children and adults alike, this Playmobil DeLorean set will allow you to experience or relive the best moments of this mythical saga that is Back to the Future.

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

Do you know the history of the DeLorean DMC-12?

The DeLorean DMC-12 was presented in March 1976. It was to embody the ethical car par excellence, because it was focused on safety (deformable bodywork) and the environment. Moreover, it was built in various materials, including fiberglass and stainless steel (materials capable of withstanding time).

Its engine, an injection V6 from the PRV (Peugeot Renault Volvo) partnership, met the pollution standards of the USA. It was a secondary choice, the first being a Wankel, a rotary engine developed in partnership by Mazda and Citroën, the same engine found in the RX7 and RX8! Its butterfly doors had an undeniable class. In short, it had to last. It was a philosophy that was not to the liking of other manufacturers who wanted for their part, a life cycle of 5 years for their vehicles against around 7-10 years at that time.

The DeLorean dads were called John Zachary DeLorean and William T Collins. One was a former CEO of General Motors and the other the former chief engineer at Pontiac. For the time, the DeLorean was the high-tech vehicle par excellence. Besides the metal look and the doors, it had lots of innovative gadgets, such as air conditioning, car radio, electric windows, etc. The DeLorean was built in Northern Ireland, and its production started in 1981, to stop prematurely in 1983, following many problems on the car, but also the disappointments of its leaders. You will understand, it was a real flop.

However, the DeLorean was a star in spite of herself! Symbol of the future, but also of the past, innovation presented as a revolution, but which made a flop, it is this which encouraged the writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis to choose it rather than another. From that moment, his fate would take another turn, the DeLorean was linked to the Geek universe! Unpopular, it was chosen by a mad scientist who found its “high-tech” side brilliant, and who transformed it in the imagination of all, as the best vehicle in the world.

It is therefore this DeLorean with which you will be able to have fun thanks to this Playmobil set currently on sale at 33.49 euros on Cdiscount!

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

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