the PlayStation is back in stock, its price drops by -30% (tip)

Return of stock for the PS5. Take advantage of this offer quickly, it can go away in a few hours. The delivery is assured before Christmas, you will be able to treat yourself with the last console from Sony.

As the holiday season draws near at top speed, the PS5 is still nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, millions of players will still be disappointed this Christmas. This crisis should continue over 2022 and 2023. Sony has warned us that the stock of PS5s will still be very scarce.

It is therefore necessary to know how to jump on each of the opportunities that allow you to get your hands on a stock of PS5. If Cdiscount put a few dozen units on the market during Black Friday, it is indeed the only one. Today, however, we have a huge surprise: SFR allows you to buy a PlayStation 5 with delivery within 3 working days. A countdown displays the start of the sale at 10 a.m. this Friday.

This offer starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp, you have to be in advance:

I buy the PS5

Last August, SFR already posted a similar offer with a small stock of PS5. In a matter of hours, all of the next-gen gaming consoles were broken. It will therefore be necessary to be quick on Friday, December 3 to secure the excellent next-gen console for Japanese. The only condition to take advantage of it is to subscribe to a box with the ISP.

At SFR, you can enjoy both Sony consoles: the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. The first is available at a price of 341 euros instead of 499 euros with a mechanism where you pay 149 euros initially then 8 euros per month for 2 years. The second is 241 euros instead of 399. The procedure is the same.

A PS5 in stock with a SFR box

Whether you want to buy a new internet box or not, this special PS5 offer at SFR is a nugget. As we have explained, you have to take a subscription to an SFR Power internet box to enjoy the latest game console. It’s simple, it will be the only chance before Christmas to take advantage of the new PlayStation. In the end, the offer is relevant and attractive even if it involves a box.

And luckily, the offer put forward by the internet service provider is attractive. In this case, by subscribing to a box (which is itself at an advantageous price for the first year), you will be able to receive the PS5 as a bonus. The two consoles, either the standard version or the digital version, are at more advantageous prices than if you took it alone.

I buy the PS5

Before returning to the stock of PS5, here is a small detail of the SFR subscription that you will enjoy. It’s about a triple play offer which includes fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s download), unlimited mobile and fixed calls and 200 TV channels (4K decoder). Everything is sold for 32 euros per month instead of 53 euros. This discount is valid for the first year.

If you want to have the ultimate experience with a PS5, it will be essential to have fiber with a very good speed. In the end, this offer put forward by SFR is therefore relevant for those who want to take advantage of all the capabilities of the PlayStation. It’s a consistent offer, it ensures you have almost zero latency and maximum performance.

In return for the PS5 or PS5 Digital, you will have to subscribe to this internet box over 2 years. If you are at another ISP and therefore need to migrate to SFR, no problem. The latter even gives you 100 euros which will allow you to reimburse any termination costs. This ensures you have a smooth transition and most importantly at no cost if you are coming from the competition. The fees are always less than this amount.

Why buy the PS5 this Friday?

SFR is not necessarily the first dealer we think of when it comes to finding PS5 stock. Having said that, it’s a great opportunity that is very consistent and well worth the detour. It is the only operator to offer such an offer and we appreciate it. Since Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac do not have one, this is a good solution.

Remember that the main difference between the PS5 Standard and the PS5 Digital Edition concerns the Blu-Ray player. In the Standard version which is a little more expensive (100 euros), you have a disc player which allows you to buy the physical games. It also allows you to resell them once you have finished them. For the digital version, everything can be bought from the online PlayStation Store and you cannot resell them afterwards.

In both cases, the PS5 has the same power – which is not the case with the Xbox Series. You can therefore jump on both consoles on SFR for this flash sale which lasts a few hours. You have the same experience, the two devices are equally popular with the general public. When we know that the stock of these Sony PlayStation 5 is very rare, this is a great opportunity.

On resale sites, the first PS5 sometimes sell for more than 1,000 euros. In the end, you can get it at a subsidized price from SFR, which lowers your console bill by 30% without waiting. Even having to subscribe to an internet box, you will find your way financially. The value for money of this offer is extra. If you wanted to take a box from SFR, you have every interest in taking the formula box with the PS5. In any case, you can resell the console right after.

If you are actively looking for a stock of PS5s, you know units are very scarce. This flash offer which starts this Friday at 10:00 am sharp is not going to last long. We invite you to be very quick this Friday so as not to miss this opportunity.

To discover the PS5 at SFR, it’s here:

I buy the PS5

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