The PlayStation Wrap Up captcha, a puzzle for gamers

The PlayStation Wrap Up captcha, a puzzle for gamers

At the end of each year, Sony emails a link to PlayStation players. The link allows them to access various statistics concerning their activities on the PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5). Entitled PlayStation Wrap Up, the statistical summary includes various information such as a brief summary of the most played games, the various trophies won as well as the high scores obtained.

A way to allow players to take on new challenges for the games of the new year. However, the option put in place this year to offer this functionality to PlayStation players is very complicated. The discontent is rising on social networks…

A very capricious captcha, with changing moods

The main problem is related to the captcha associated with sending the link. Indeed, Sony has taken the habit, as a security measure, of bringing players to solve a captcha before benefiting from the PlayStation Wrap Up. Unfortunately, the type of captcha chosen for 2021 is far from perfect.

The principle of captcha itself is very easy to solve. It features the image of six mice all lost in a maze. The user simply has to select the mouse, which cannot reach the cheese because of the maze in which it finds itself. To access the statistics, you have to solve the puzzle five times, the beginning of the problems…

In some players, the number of attempts goes up to twenty instead of five. These may even consider themselves lucky. For others, the captcha does not even work. Worse, some are lucky enough to solve the puzzle, but end up with error messages.

Error messages that occur after the browser has fully loaded the PlayStation Wrap-Up page. In some cases, players access a message from Sony that makes them understand that the annual summary is simply not available in their country. A situation that turns a captcha simple to solve into a real Chinese puzzle.

Social media as a sounding board for player discontent

Very quickly, players expressed their displeasure with the hashtag PlayStation Wrap-Up on Twitter. They have mostly taken with a dose of humor, the difficulties they face. Thus, some players have chosen to do without the PlayStation Wrap-Up by publishing their own statistics themselves. While making sure to put a nice tackle on the Sony system.

In some statistics made by the players themselves, we can see that “Choose the mouse that can’t reach the cheese” was the most played game of the year. Others just shared their old PlayStation Wrap-Up stat image.

Nevertheless, some players were able to benefit from their statistics. The latter shared images of their PlayStation Wrap-Up on social networks. There are some numbers from the various PlayStation summaries shared by community members that are truly mind-blowing. While some gamers have earned 100 PlayStation trophies, others have racked up nearly 3,000 hours of gameplay for 2021.

Admittedly, this year’s mouse captcha sentences have dampened the mood a bit for many players. But everyone agrees that the PlayStation summary remains a unique moment for any PlayStation enthusiast. There is no doubt that Sony will react in the days to come in order to give a smile to the mouse catchers of the Wrap-Up.

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