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For this first weekend of December, the new iPhone 13 comes at an unprecedented price. If you want to save money on that Christmas present, you won’t have to delay. This is the best rate ever for these smartphones.

Apple has always blocked communication and offers around its smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. However, the prestigious manufacturer has left more flexibility in recent years to some of its resellers. This is the case for example of RED by SFR which can afford to put breathtaking prices on the iPhone 13.

In recent hours, the merchant has slashed the price of these new devices even more. For example, the 128 GB version of the iPhone 13 drops to 799 euros while it is priced at 909 euros on the official website. It’s amazing – especially since these are the best smartphones on the market.

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On the RED by SFR website, you can buy your iPhone 13 as in an Apple Store. You have the same guarantee, the same after-sales service (in the brand’s Genius Bar) or the same withdrawal period (14 days). Everything is strictly the same except that you can save 110 euros on all models via the operator.

However, this does not require you to be a RED by SFR customer (or to subscribe to a package) to get these iPhone 13 and 13 Pro at a strikethrough price. But be careful, this is in the form of a refund offer. For each of the models, you will have to fill out a document to be reimbursed in the amount of 100 euros. The discount is not instantaneous, but whatever: you will be re-credited with the amount in your account.

Why buy an iPhone 13 through RED?

RED by SFR has been offering a traditional e-commerce site for about a year. The only specificity is that it only offers smartphones. We can therefore compare it for example to the telephony section on the Amazon site. To make itself known, the merchant site is making great efforts on the prices of all the most prestigious smartphones. This is the case for example on these iPhone 13 which tumbles before Christmas.

This reduction is all the more surprising since the American firm never makes a rebate. Besides, these are really the very latest products in its range, so it’s even more of a surprise. Can this offer last over time? Certainly not. Apple may well be out of stock for its iPhone 13s before the end of the year. The American group announced that it was also a victim of the semiconductor shortage.

In the end, all these reasons push you to be ultra responsive to the reductions displayed by RED by SFR. With more than 100 euros in savings on the iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, you are getting a good deal. We can only advise you to be quick. This unexpected offer will be a hit with all Apple lovers. With such a deviation from the official price, it’s worth going through the dealer.

What is surprising is that RED by SFR is releasing this offer after Black Friday. During this operation, he posted a small reduction of only 50 euros on these models. Here, with 110 euros of discount, it is not the same thing. On the smaller model (iPhone 13 mini), this corresponds to a saving of 15% compared to the original price. We didn’t expect to have this for a very long time.

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Which model to choose from this range?

If you don’t yet know which iPhone 13 model to choose, we recommend that you take a look at our iPhone 13 review here or our iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max reviews here. All of these smartphones are top of the line, without a doubt. They are the most powerful on the market and they all run on an A15 Bionic chip which is the best on the market.

They all come with a very high quality OLED display with larger or smaller diagonals. Note that Apple always keeps the sharp edges, which can be disturbing on the larger model (13 Pro Max). We also still appreciate the iOS operating system which is still so intuitive and enjoyable. The iPhone 13 Pro comes with an adaptive 120Hz display for maximum fluidity. The latter also have a high-quality triple photo sensor.

If Apple has greatly improved the performance of this new generation of iPhone 13, it has however not moved the price of these devices. The value for money has therefore improved compared to the iPhone 12. By also including the reduction applied by RED by SFR, you come across a product with an unbeatable price given the quality. We can only therefore advise you to go straight for it if you have the means.

As you can read on the RED by SFR website, there are still several colors and several storage capacities that are in stock. That said, these knocked-down iPhone 13s aren’t going to last long. We recommend that you be quick even if you return the product during your withdrawal period. It is clear that nowhere else will you see such discounts.

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