the price increase is already penalizing some subscribers

Netflix’s recent price hike appears to be hitting early subscribers already, shortly after the company announced its new rather steep subscription prices, which are now at $20.

Last January, Netflix announced bad news for its American subscribers. The streaming giant accelerated the price increase with a new price hike for all of its subscriptions. The basic formula has thus gone from 8.99 dollars to 9.99 dollars, the standard from 13.99 dollars to 15.49 dollars and the premium subscription is now $19.99, compared to $17.99 previously.

While the price increase was immediate for new customers, our colleagues from The Verge had been notified by email that the increase was going to be effective from March 30, 2022 for old customers, but some have already noticed a price change on their March bill.

Netflix does not increase prices simultaneously for all its subscribers

Contacted about this price change ahead of time, Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka told The Verge that the price increases are applied to existing subscribers “ over the weeks adding that some subscribers may have already been notified and seen the changes applied. As a reminder, Netflix must notify its subscribers by email of a price change at least 30 days before the increase takes effect.

According to Netflix, the price hike will take place over weeks, which could mean that all subscribers may not notice the price change on their next bill. With us, it is only a matter of time before the price increase arrives in France.

The American giant has already announced a significant increase in prices in Ireland, thus making the price of the Premium offer soar by 3 euros to reach 21 euros per month. A few days later, it was the United Kingdom which was in turn impacted by the rise in prices, raising fears that it will arrive in France in the coming weeks. Like Ireland, the price of the Premium offer should increase to 21 euros per month, against 17.99 euros currently.

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