The price of the AirPods Max headset in free fall and it is very rare (-150 €)!

Very rare are the promotions on products from Apple even during Black Friday. But now, by a miracle, the price of AirPods Max has just fallen at the Amazon reseller! Take the opportunity to buy yourself the first helmet from the firm, at this price, you will not regret it.

Whether or not you are equipped with many Apple devices (MacBook, iMac, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.), this price drop for AirPods Max is a real godsend if you listen to a lot of music. Indeed, the Apple helmet in sky blue is currently on sale at Amazon at a price of € 479 instead of € 629, or € 150 immediate reduction (24%).

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Spatial audio, active noise reduction, and Dolby Atmos

Although the AirPods Max were released a few months ago, it is nonetheless a great headset. Over time, Apple engineers have been able to improve their headphones through updates. Moreover, to take advantage of the Dolby Atmos offered in Apple Music, it will be necessary to acquire the AirPods Max since Apple’s wireless headphones are restricted by the Bluetooth connection.

The headset from Apple caused a lot of ink to flow when it was launched, and even more when its price was announced: € 629. The Cupertino company has hit a sore spot in the audio market with the addition of a mixed range which is not as good as a high-end headset, but which is better than a headset sold around from 200 €.

Of course, the AirPods Max come with all of Apple’s sound technologies and engineering, such as: excellent active noise reduction or also very well achieved sound equalization. Besides that, the Apple headset has, like the AirPods Pro, spatial audio allowing you to project yourself in the middle of a concert of Led Zep ‘or 13 Organized.

Admittedly, the headphones tend to emphasize the bass a little more in the music, but do not let down the treble and bass so far. For more information on the more technical characteristics of AirPods Max, you can come and read our test by clicking directly here.

As a reminder, the AirPods Max are currently on sale at Amazon at the price of on sale at the price of € 479 instead of € 629 in its sky blue, pink and silver versions.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

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