The price of the Starlink subscription halved in France, with a data limitation

Starlink is blowing hot and cold for French users of its satellite internet access service. Admittedly, the price of the subscription will be halved, but the company imposes a data consumption limit.

In an e-mail sent this week to its French customers, Starlink announces the launch of a pilot project which only concerns France for the moment. The good news is that the price of the monthly subscription to the satellite access service is simply halved, it goes to €50 instead of €99. A good economy while many services are on the rise.

Limited consumption

But there is bad news: Starlink imposes a maximum data envelope of 250 GB per month. Beyond that, the flow will be degraded. This is for the ISP to test ” a fair use policy […] to ensure that as our customer base grows, the typical user’s quality of service is not adversely affected by users consuming large amounts of data “, explains the company.

These 250 GB, considered “priority data” at maximum speed, come with an unlimited amount of “standard data” with limited speed. Starlink will prioritize users who consume 250 GB per month or less of data. If the envelope is exceeded, if customers want to continue to benefit from the highest speed, they can buy 100 GB of additional priority data for €10.

The access provider will also give priority to the least greedy users during periods of network congestion. Users who usually consume the greatest amount of resources (the largest 10% of internet volume on the network) will therefore suffer a brake. These changes will begin in October.

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