The price of the UWANT X100 broom vacuum cleaner drops to €400 thanks to this promo code!

Until August 31, 2022, it is possible to acquire the UWANT X100 broom vacuum cleaners with gifts for only 400 euros thanks to this promo code.

Robot vacuum cleaners have not only flooded the appliance market, but also our homes. At the same time, these devices save time while having the opportunity to return from work with a clean house floor. However, some people still use stick vacuums. Admittedly, they have evolved with more powerful and lighter models, but you don’t come across many broom vacuum cleaners like the UWANT X100. Moreover, the latter is currently on promotion at a price of 406.56 euros instead of 427.95 euros using the code X100LAUNCH.

Take advantage of the UWANT offer

UWANT X100: a two-in-one service, thanks to a single product

Who would not have liked to have a product that allows you to simultaneously mop and vacuum in the past? In any case, this is what the UWANT X100 offers. This broom vacuum cleaner saves time, thanks to its two tanks (three in total).

The first tank collects the vacuumed dust, the second allows clean water to be delivered and the last simply collects the dirty water that has come into contact with the ground. In short, in a single pass, you can perform two tasks simultaneously. Note that the tanks dedicated to water are 600 mL for clean water and 600 mL also for the tank that collects dirty water.

The two rollers at the base of the UWANT X100 will trap dirt as much as possible to save time. The optimization of the brush also brings greater maneuverability.

Indeed, the UWANT X100 is quite imposing, the rotating rollers will automatically improve the movement and your movements. The head that links the brush with the body of the stick vacuum cleaner will improve all this considerably. In short, the maneuverability of the UWANT X100 is designed to optimize cleaning, but above all to preserve your body to avoid carrying heavy loads.

Regarding autonomy, the UWANT X100 has a battery of 32,000 mAh (4,000 x 8). This will allow you to clean very large surfaces, especially since the AI ​​will constantly optimize the cycle to extend the autonomy of the UWANT X100.

Very limited gifts

As good news never comes alone, during your purchase, especially for the first 150 buyers, gifts will be sent to you. When paying, you will see that the UWANT X100 will be sent with a filter, rollers and a detergent to put in the clean water tank.

As a reminder, the UWANT X100 is on sale at a price of 406.56 euros instead of 427.95 euros using the code X100LAUNCH.

Take advantage of the UWANT offer

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