The PS5 is testing “Hey PlayStation”, a new voice assistant

Sony announces Hey PlayStation, a new voice assistant that will debut on PS5. Players will be able to control their console with voice.

PS5 Voice Assistant Hey PlayStation

The debut of Hey PlayStation on PS5

According to Sony, your PS5 can listen for the Hey PlayStation voice command to let you find and launch games, apps, and settings, as well as control movie, TV, or song playback. If you don’t want to use it, Sony says you can disable this feature in the settings. The voice command feature will first be available in English for beta users with a registered account in the US and UK.

Should I use a microphone? No, since the console controller includes a microphone. Players can therefore speak aloud without any particular accessory and the controller will listen to the voice command and then the action requested, before transmitting it to the console.

The voice assistant is available with a new beta for the PS5, starting today. Sony does not say when the final version will be available. The group does not say either when the assistant will be available in France or in other countries.

Note that the beta version distributed today is also an opportunity to have other new features, including the possibility of keeping certain games or applications on the home screen, updates to the map interface trophies and more languages ​​for screen readers.

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