The Pure mega-yacht is piloted in augmented reality!

Many still wonder what the use of augmented reality can be, despite the billions of dollars and euros invested in this technology. One of the answers is provided by Feadship: controlling superyachts!

The world of superyachts is largely unknown to the general public, and for good reason: not many can claim to have sailed on these luxurious ships. However, to attract the wealthiest customers, manufacturers must use cutting-edge technologies. This is the case of Feadship for its yacht Pure.

Futuristic lines on the water

This 81.75-meter-long yacht is a very elegant sea monster, with simple, flowing lines. The ship has five decks, a glass atrium that connects three decks, not to mention a bar, a dining room, a terraceā€¦ and of course a jacuzzi!

But what denotes in the Pure is the use of augmented reality to help the captain maneuver the yacht. The command center, located on the lower deck, presents all the information essential to piloting the ship in AR: the data collected by radars, maps, probes and cameras will be displayed in an intelligent and accessible way (no question of drowning the captain under unnecessary information).

Pure being a concept at the moment, it is difficult to imagine how this mega-yacht works. The manufacturer intends to deliver a first model in 2024, which will be powered by a hybrid diesel and electric engine (the battery alone will provide a range of 222 kilometers). In 2027, Feadship will launch a second model with a battery and methanol generators. Finally, a third version scheduled for 2030 will be powered by fuel cells (methanol).

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